View Full Version : Napa nationals 2011

05-31-2011, 08:34 AM
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and here is mine(THE GOOD & THE BAD).First let me say that the staff of Napa did a fantastic job considering it was their first ever try at a big venue tournament and any problem that came up was handled professionally and courteous toward the players.In other leagues i have always seen that take it or leave it attitude but not here I really got the feeling from the staff this is our players league and we are proud to be working for them.As with any new venture there will be learning curves but i think the staff knew that coming in and they were very willing to listen to the players and take others ideas back to the drawing table in order to make the next Napa Nationals better.As far as the convention center atmosphere it was great everyone had plenty of room to move about (The concrete floor was rough on this ole mans back and legs but i survived).Special props out to Bad Boy Productions who kept the tournament moving and for providing some great tables to play on.This was a great experience for all the players and i hope it will continue for many years..The only negative in this whole weekend was TURF CATERING and that had nothing to do with Napa it was one of the evils from having this in a convention center where you are forced to use their vendors(And i think they have learned from this).Anyone who enjoys pool or just starting out this is the place to be..

05-31-2011, 10:15 AM
Must say I watched quite a bit of it this weekend on the streaming. Big Truck did a bang up job as usual and I will say that watching everyone appeared to me that they were having FUN and enjoying themselves ! Lots of great sportsmanship also was showed. It certainly shined this league in a good light; so much so that I might contact my local guy and see about joining.