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05-31-2011, 03:21 PM
Hy everybody,

Today my shop went online.....yes another shop about billiards.
But this one is different to all others.
During my traveling around the world, people asked me very often about some nice photos for their pool hall, pool room and house.
And when I think back after I got my own pool room....I wanted to have some nice pictures for it.
You guys all know what you find if you look for something like that....cats and dogs who play billiard, The Rat Pack, movie posters and some other stuff we have seen for decades....

This changes now with Poolaroids:
I sell only high-end Fine Art Prints on aluminum (I call that one "carefree package" you just have to unwrap it and put it on your wall)
and on 330g baryte paper for people who want to frame the photo by themselves.

Poolaoids stands also for environment protection and sustainability.... just visit http://www.poolaroids.com/instructions for more information

Worldwide free shipping will make it easier for you - what you see is what you pay.
Also discounts are available in the Fine Art Print Section.

Just visit www.poolaroids.com

http://www.markus-hofstaetter.at/banner/bannera2.gif (www.poolaroids.com)