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02-03-2006, 05:01 PM
Hiya all,

i got some free time for the moment, and i was going to make a poolsite for my own, and maybe expand it for all my national felow poolplayers. I havent really given it a deep thought yet, but i'd like to see what u guys would like to see on this personal site.

i was thinking of:

- tracking of all my results in tournaments (for AZ'bers who like to check on solly, and for my own.)
- tracking of my stats (personal use, check my own degree of improvement etc)
- books/movies/ ive seen to help my game, and maybe give a small revieuw of it, what i kept, what i dumped, for what lvl of player it is ( this is for guys in my country who are wondering what movies etc they should see)
- pictures ofcourse (of me :D)
- my gear (and i was thinking of a NEW GEAR section, as ive asked our national forum guys if they could make a new chapter where i could post on regular bases info on new things (sardo rack, Xbreaker, OB schafts, etc etc etc) but they said no. I know alot of european players dont know anything of cues exept a p2 is the ferrari, and thats it, might be good to let the better players know what else is new or out there.
- a personal info page of belgium players (actually many players have asked it on our national forums, but no one is doing something about it, so id like to give anyone a small personal info page. And not only the Belgium team guys. Even B, C , D players would have one. (im not a fan of class discrimination, no matter how good or bad u are, every player should have right to have his small page)
- a trickshot section
- (cant post movies or so... dont got enough webspace for that, and as this is only a fun thing, and nothing commmercial, i dont want to spend alot of money on buying alot of webspace.) i could post links to video's over the internet (like the new IPT commercial, MAN everyone must see that)
- schedule of my upcoming tournaments
- schedule of national tournaments , local tournaments etc
- explanation of dc++ poolhubs. as ive got many fellow pool players who ask me how it works
- general info (i know alot will be a translated sumary of interesting posts i read here)
- ADDED: wei table :) no one in my country knows how to use it, and its a shame. Ill post it on the site too.

I know there are around 10000 sites like this over the internet, but this would be the first belgium one, as i think only 10% of belgium players, check sites that are not for belgium. (i know its stupid, but they just dont. except the national forum, they hardly read anything else... )

thats the things i can think of in the 1 minut time ive invested in it... IF there are other idea's let me know (ps im not a PRO player, im not in search of sponsers, this is just a small personal site for my own, and some other belgium poolplayers and because im just SO passionate about the game, i have to chare it with everyone. Even if i only get 1 visitor / day, then ive done my work. One more soul will be enlightend. keep that in mind, when u give me more idea's)

ok thats it :) thats the solly's smart post for this week. (to make up for all the silly posts) :D

02-23-2006, 01:43 PM
ok started to work on the site.

best viewed in 1280, but 1024x800 is ok too. (u might need to install shockwave thingy to see it, but i think most browsers already have it)

dont got much yet, just the intro, and the structure. But wondering what u thought of it, or if i should add other options then the once that are there now.


ps im was gonna add some sound too.
I was thinking off: the song from poolhalljunkies, from the 50's, still need to find what its called. It goes something like: WATCH! yourself, show me what u got!!! Tudududum :D (got to love my singing skills)
or the text from the first 3minuts from color of money.

other idea's are welcome :D

news: how im doing, just personal notes and info about myself poolrelated
results: how im doing in all tournaments, all scores vs players
calender: obvious, all tournaments, open's, rankings, house in belgium or close
gear: almost no belgium poolplayer knows about latets good gear; Xbreeaker, racktraining, 3th eye, ob shaft, USS, etc etc so ill give revieuws about them and post info on my own gear ; customs, dreamgear etc
wei/dcc ; GOOD guide on how to use them
trickshots: obvious
galery; poolart, pro's, myself, tournaments, video's, old pictures, video links
links-friends; like i said before, i want to make a small info page about every belgium^poolplayer, not matter what level, and not only the 5 guys from the national team. I want to give everyone the same chance, and ofc all possible links i have in my favorits.

silly solly signing off

02-23-2006, 02:00 PM
Wow! What a great looking site! The only thing I would change is that the word calendar is spelled wrong. I like that you used my IPT children picture, lol. :cool:

02-23-2006, 02:00 PM
Looks good so far Solly, nice and simple. As a web designer that's something I always strive for on my sites. easy navigation, usefull information and no clutter.

P.S. since you have so many friends here across the pond perhaps your line should read World famous amateur pool billiard player ;)

02-23-2006, 02:09 PM
hehe thx linda :D that was the result i was expecting; WOW :) ps hope u dont mind using that picture, but i just love it.

supergreenman: im not a webdesigner :p just something i learned in my free time. as im unemployed for the moment i got way to much time in my hands. Nice u like it.

still LOADS of work to do, making everything move just makes it 30 times longer to make, but i hope the end result will be there

world famous?! heh.... mmm that might help to get the sponsers in :p i hope this site will be the first step to get in some small sponsers, cuz it aint my results who will get me them :D

happy solly, glad u like it. (off to the movies, girls complayining im spending not enough time with her..)

ps how about the song or music i would add. COF or PHJ?

02-23-2006, 02:11 PM
I'm not getting anything but the title page.Maybe your working on the site right now though.

The ideas you have sound good Solly. For music how about "Minnesota Fats" by Johnny and the Hurricanes.
Here is a link where you can umm listen....http://www.ravencues.com/poolmusic.html


02-23-2006, 05:31 PM
im not working on it terry... u should be able to enter the site, and see the 8 options, but ofcourse, u cant enter them yet :) just move your mouse over the screen. Like i said, this is just the thing i made today, but the first page is always important. It gives the theme (color, etc for the rest).

ill listen to that song, but for the moment im really thinking of poolhalljunkies song. MAN i love that song. WATCH YASELF!! SHOWME WHATCHAGOT!!! :D
(note to myself; read helpfiles and learn how to put music into the webside :p )

02-23-2006, 05:38 PM
im not working on it terry... u should be able to enter the site, and see the 8 options, but ofcourse, u cant enter them yet :) just move your mouse over the screen. Like i said, this is just the thing i made today, but the first page is always important. It gives the theme (color, etc for the rest).

ill listen to that song, but for the moment im really thinking of poolhalljunkies song. MAN i love that song. WATCH YASELF!! SHOWME WHATCHAGOT!!! :D
(note to myself; read helpfiles and learn how to put music into the webside :p )

Yeah I just resized,now I get the site but I can't read AZB.:D


02-23-2006, 05:55 PM
huh :p what are u doing m8? :) whats your screen size?

ps AARF already found 2 typo's on the first page :D i knew i should have payed atention on those englisch classes instead of going to the poolbarr drinking beer and shooting some balls.

02-23-2006, 06:05 PM
I'm now at 1024 X 768. I changed my browser text setting from medium to largest but that only makes the stuff in the signatures big not the posted text. I was running 800X600 and medium text on browser.


02-23-2006, 08:14 PM
Solly ... Site looks good so far. The graphic for 'links' is a little hard to make out (at least half of it is). Very direct and straightforward and READABLE.
Since I used to design systems (mostly mainframe systems), I also look for certain things in websites, good and bad ... lol Good start.

One website I really liked and thought was well presented is the website
for Layani cues. If you get a chance, go check it out.

02-23-2006, 08:27 PM
I have quite a few wav files - funny pool sayings, excerpts from The Hustler and COM, etc. PM me if you want me to email them to you.


02-23-2006, 09:17 PM
hiya all

scott nice u liked it. But the rest will be a bit harder to read :(
in made the site in 1280 or smaller or something, and as most have it on 1024 the top thingy is a bit to big, so i need to write the rest of the lettters in size 14 :s Hope its not TOO bad for the oldies :p but to late to change it now :p. (i hope, cuz i dont feel like adjusting it.. its not like im making it to win a price or so :D) about the liyana site, u are right. In fact, when i saw the site, it made me think: GOD i need one that looks as cool for myself. I saved it under: Very nice poolwebsite!! says enough. (ps what u mean with hard for 50% ? the hand says all :) im reaching a link to something.. explain me m8 :) maybe ill change it)

linda: i descided on the song. Cant take of james brown, it just goes PERFECT with the site, and I LUB IT till the bone (ull see it, once i uploaded the update) about funny pool sayings... might be usefull. tried to get some samples of a pot, a breake etc but didnt found any. u can always mail me them if u have any or can find any, and ill see if i can use them.

Ill upload the update when ill go to sleep (in about a hour or so). hoping to finish the first choise (news blalla) but i never had a picture of me taken on a pooltable :rolleyes: so ill have to do that sap. ill put a silly solly picture in it for the moment :cool: now WHO'S COOL!! :D

EDIT: Finished the new upload . 5.30am time for me to go sleep. SPECIAL FEATURE: Find the hidden message and try not to die when laughing :D Moehahaha Solly OWNZ. c ya tomorow guys and girls

02-24-2006, 12:35 AM
Ha, thanks for the cool mention on your site!

02-24-2006, 06:48 PM
ur welcom linda :)

i did change it with some more.. ok'ish picture till i can get some from solly in action on the pooltable. Been working 4 hours on the soundtrack of the site. didnt know how to make a interactive radio with poolmusic on the site, but i finally got it working. (not to myself; director help files dont explain ANYTHING). I put up 2songs just for the testing purpose. One will stay, the coldplay song will be replaced with other Famous Poolsongs-pooltekst from movies, etc... I used some samples, placed them in the best place i could find, and i hope u all will like him.