View Full Version : The Master Of Art In Pocket Billiards trainning programme!!!!!

02-03-2006, 05:07 PM
:D Id just like to say im greatly happy with my game an cant wait to get to vegas in a few months!!!ive been doing the mastera of art in pocket billiards by the monk since november an am on level 3 now.one of the masters ekkes from germany won the germany 14.1 champs last month congrads ekkes!!!!an rommana won the nz open womens 9ball!!!!congrads you guys!!!!!!randy g is also in the programe an is a coach in it also!randy is going to nz on the 12th to work with the nz masters for a month!!!well worth the money of being a master to work with these two!!!:D :D :D :D im happy!!!:D :D :D :o