View Full Version : Belgium and the ipt? maybe good news?

02-08-2006, 01:22 PM
hiya all,

as one of the few european posteres here, i always like to post info on how my small country is doing, evolving etc, and i know many like to read it.

latest 2 good news: as already most know the ipt will make a qualifcation in weert for 2 more ipt places, and we (poolplayers) descided to organise our own satelite tournament to win the entree fee for the ipt quali in weert.

when: 26 febr, 10 am
where: Q-action in atwerp Belgium
country: belgium
rulez: ipt rulez AND only belgium players alowed we are doing this to help GOOD players in out country to get a chance to prove themself.
fee: 60€ IF 32 members , or 110€ if 20 members

1st place, wins ticket for ipt quali in weert, worth 2k
2d place, refund of his entreefee.

another thing, is the loontjes open !!!
now tournaments like this DONT come often. Highest price money ive ever seen was 1k, and now there is the 2k!!! open loontjes tournament

seems like our country is doing better and better, and its very nice to see that players take initatives and start there own tournaments and idea's, if the Board takes to long to act/react on comments. Ok we are not yet at the level of holland, or usa, BUT its going the right way.

thats it for this months new on belgium.

greats, silly solly aka the Belgium promotor :p