View Full Version : Seen a Huebler like this before?

11-20-2012, 11:45 PM
I have a Huebler cue and wonder if anyone has run across a similar one before. I was told it was made sometime in the 1990's and cost somewhere close to $300 when new from the guy I bought it from and I got it for less that. It is something of a Palmer style of cue. It does not have any Custom Shop markings. I have not found one like it in digging around the internet on occasion over a number of years. I was wondering if it had a model number associated with it and what it might be worth these days.
I have owned other Huebler cues but they were from the 80's and had the vertical logo. Here are a few pics. It has 2 shafts for it that match the trim and the cue and shafts are in really great shape. Hopefully the 3 pictures show up ok.