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11-22-2012, 11:20 AM
The odd word, the odd comment, here and there as the match progressed had rubbed Hicks up the wrong way, to such an extent that when he won 10-4 he couldn’t help but say to Hann, “that’s you out of the top 16,” which was certainly accurate.

Hann, though, did not like this. “You’re short and bald and always will be and I’ll fight you out in the street for £50,000 whenever you like,” was his riposte as the match referee, Lawrie Annandale, had to separate the two players.

Hicks, who did not deny being short or bald, passed up the chance to lock pugilistic horns with Hann, which is why Mark King stepped in for the three-round ‘Pot Whack’ extravaganza at York Hall, which Hann won on points.


He then went downstairs to his dressing room but was asked to give a urine sample as part of the WPBSA’s relatively new drugs testing policy.

And then it all kicked off. This was long before my time on the circuit but I’ve spoken to a WPBSA official who was present that night, who told me: “Higgins was snarling like a dog. There was a ball of foam coming out of his mouth. He started picking up plates and throwing them at anyone in his way, like he was in a Greek restaurant. He was mad as hell.”

This unpleasantness ended with Higgins head-butting Paul Hatherell, the tournament director.

The Northern Irishman claimed it had been, “well done, Stephen, you were a little bit lucky.” Hendry’s memory was of Higgins telling him, “up your a*** you c***.”


11-22-2012, 11:32 AM
"To answer Higgins’s own question when he bestrode the sport like a malevolent colossus a generation ago, snooker did survive without him. In fact it flourished with new stars setting new standards. The UK Championship would enjoy many great moments in which he did not feature."