View Full Version : Ralf Souquet's Russian Experience

05-11-2003, 09:07 PM
Ralf Souquet had "The ol' switcheroo" played on him in St. Petersburg. His Comments are posted at his web site.


05-11-2003, 09:21 PM
mmmm....why one earth would they do that?....saying that the q-ball didn't match and then replacing with another q-ball that didn't match as well.

05-12-2003, 05:20 AM
I guess they just wanted to ensure that it was an All-Russian final and between the tournament officials and Stalev, they "made" it happen - and I'm sure if Ralf pushed the issue there would have been and "or else" factor involved. Back in the early 1990's I had a similar thing happen in the Phillipines when I was playing Edgar Acaba . My break was on, and I was making 2-3 balls every time and then getting out quite easily. I win a game, and I am up 7-5 in a race to 9. I walk from the table and place my shooting cue along the table I was sitting at, and reach for my break cue. IT'S GONE! My case is gone as well. I do the 360 around the room and then start asking people where it went. Nobody knew. I get told that I need to proceed - "or else". I was also told I could not leave the playing area, or I would forfeit. That was enough to divert my attention and I subsequently lost the match - mainly due to concentrating on the situation - not the match. I guarantee you that the same thing happened to Ralf. They knew he had a good shot at beating everybody there, and they took care of it. BTW, my break cue and case magically showed up twenty seconds after my match with Acaba was over. Imagine that! Lesson learned? NEVER TRAVEL ALONE.