View Full Version : I played traveling pool player this weekend

05-10-2006, 10:59 AM
This past weekend I went to houston tx, to pick up some "people" for a friend, turns out we had to spend the night over there, so we found 3 different slick willies, two of them were kindof ehh, one I really liked was in downtown Houston in the bayou plaza It was a really nice and simple place, It was the first pool hall I had been to that was 3 stories high, it had a nice view and waitress, not to mention 6 bucks an hour before 7pm.!

Mystick Cue Fan
05-10-2006, 12:43 PM
I was down in houston this weekend.......Maybe we might have butted heads......what's your name and where did you play at? I played mostly out at legends on 45. I played at a slick willies, right next to legends too in league city. I played at a slick willies on monroe and barneys right next to it. I matched up with a guy who ran out all the time and came out even. I went into the slick willies with 20 bucks and tried to dump against this awful player and ended losing. I only had one barrel to fire so I quit then my buddy back me against him and he told me to dump gain so he could play him. So I did. Then I think we ended up about 160 ahead but they stiffed us out of 25 bucks. Oh well. That's why you pay after every set.......:(

Well I could honestly spot either one of those guys the last two or the call eight. One of them I could have given the eight and the breaks. :p

Well we ended up with the cash so that's all that matters. I ended up winning about 200 over there but losing about 100 maybe. So all in all I ended up about 100 ahead from the trip...not too bad but there is alot of action out there. Alot of money to be made in Houston, TX......am I right?