View Full Version : Grady Freddy or Jay(Hawaiian Brian)

05-17-2006, 05:50 AM
can you guys tell us anything about Hawaiian Brian? i think he was hanging around Frisco around Gradys time out there. Thanks

05-17-2006, 08:36 AM
Brian is a real class act, used to play as good a 9 Ball as anyone in the world, too. Been in poor health for some years now. I played him several times and enjoyed our encounters immensely. He used to get staked by Tony Catucci, a onelegged friend of ours.
After LA Tony moved to Tom's River and opened a beautiful room. Tony has helped lots of young players, including Rodney Morris and Kid Delicious.
Tony and I took some trips (we both smoked Camel Regs.) and didn't really make any money but we had some real fun.
Brian, like me, I think, was born a generation too soon or too late. He could sure play, though and was a killer gambler. Some years after Brian's time in LA, I took a trip with Howard Iketa, who resembles Brian a lot. Well, nobody would play Howard on our cross country journey because Brian had so thoroughly robbed everybody. To tell you the truth I miss the Brians and the Dennys and the Larrys a lot. Thank you for reminding me of Brian.

05-17-2006, 09:36 AM
I might have been one of the first guys in the states to play Brian when he first came over. We played at Five Points Bowl in El Monte. CA & I beat him a couple of cheap sets of 9 ball. Hawaiian Jay, who had already been here for a while, said "Don't think you can beat him, he's the best player over there". I believe I lost more $$ to Brian over the years than anybody. I loved to play him & used to go down to 6th & Western just to match up with him. It didn't matter what he gave me, the 6 or 7 in 9 ball, or 9 to 7 in one pocket, I just couldn't beat him. The only time I had the best of it, I had just returned from San Jose & California Billiards, and had been playing a lot of three cushion. We played a short game for $50 & I won the first game, let him win the 2nd and was waiting for the raise from him. He looked at me and said "F you, I'm supposed to be doing this to you. I quit". He was way too smart for me. The only time I got any of his $$ was in the ring liability snooker game on the 6 x 12 in Bellflower. He tried it once out of boredom & blew a little cash. He won it back from me a little later playing gin, so I guess I didn't get any of his dough after all. John Henderson