View Full Version : Crazy board tournament spreadsheet

05-16-2003, 03:38 PM
I have developed a Crazy Board tournament spreadsheet in Excel that
runs a Crazy Board tournament. A Crazy Board Tourrnament has 12 players/Scotch Doubles teams and plays each other team 1 game of 8 ball. BCA rules and scoring, BCA 5 man team averages are used. It is meant to be used on a laptop or desktop PC (and even with a display on a big screen TV).

40 - no handicap, > 40 = negative handicap, < 40 = positive handicap.

I automated everything possible, totaling scores, figuring handicaps, rankings, indicating errors, cell colors for 'in play' versus 'available to play', etc.

My self extracting zip file is available to anyone on request from me at Snapshot9Scott@netscape.net
(It is too big at 266k to attach with this post).

Instructions are included in Word format, plus more on the spreadsheet itself.