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09-14-2013, 08:04 AM
This is just a post to re-affirm that there are guys out there doing things the right way. Several years ago when I kind of slowed down buying cues and cases there were a few names on my short list of builders I wanted to someday try out. Kent Davis was one of the guys on this list. I had heard of him as a player and had seen a couple of his cues and really liked what I saw. Everybody I talked to said the cues were great and were real "players" cues. I contacted Kent about starting a cue several weeks back and we agreed on a basic design and figure so off we go. Our conversations then turned strictly to pool playing, how do you do this, how do you do that etc. After many of these chats, Kent began to understand what exactly I was looking for out of a cue and began explaining to me what we were going to build. It kind of felt like I was getting measured for a finely tailored suit or custom pair of boots. Then out of the blue Kent sends me a cue to try out, he writes down weights, diameters etc on blue tape, puts it on the butt, and 4 shafts (that's right 4 shafts !!). Kent wanted me to try out the different shaft diameters and tapers that he thought would best suit my playing style. Without actually going to a shop and hitting balls with a cue, this is absolutely the best evaluation of a cue I've ever been able to do. Most of the time, if your lucky, you can test hit a cue you're interested in and get a small idea if you like the cue, this process is like taking your new sports car to the race track and testing it before you decide if you really want it. I can't say enough good things about Kent and his whole process. If you really want a true custom experience in building your next cue, Kent should be very high on your list. I've include a few crappy pics to show you the "test" cue he sent me. Pretty damn nice for a demo.

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Scott Lee
09-14-2013, 08:37 AM
Kent Davis is a phenomenal cuemaker, imo. He has made me a custom cue that I have yet to pick up (my first one since my Samsaras were made 13 years ago), but can't wait to play with it. A great guy to work with, and a player too! Keep up the good work Kent! :thumbup:

Scott Lee