View Full Version : Young players, who is sponsored?

09-16-2013, 01:16 PM
I have taken a liking to watching the younger players come through and develop as there is only so much of SVB you can watch on teh stream I mean c'mon mix it up. Anyways I am talking about players like Sky Woodward, Justin Bergman, Dan Olson, Chip Compton, Shane Mcminn, granted I am based in Midwest so sure there are mnay more but what does it take for these guys to get sponsored so they can go all round like SVB.

Bergman for example has been on fire this year winning the 1 pocket Southern Classic and doing well in the Ultimate 10 ball, beat JJ out of 5k and last night won teh handicapped tounrament with top players in Cape. Why not invest in these guys as you will get them cheaper and have more time to develop and ultimately get more money from.

09-16-2013, 03:04 PM
Most young players are sponsored. By their parents :wink:

I have not been able to pay for just one tournament entry in at least a year :grin:

Pechaur provides cues for many of the jr players also.

09-16-2013, 08:01 PM
Well, I just have to say that from Justin's Facebook posts constantly, I personally would never sponsor him if I was in the market to do so. I would rather sponsor someone with a little less talent and a better demeanor. He has a lot of game and tries to get his name out there, problem is that he does it a very very bad way, constantly taunting and down talking other players and rooms is just bad publicity. As far as the other players you happened to mention I do not know much about them but they do have talent that is obvious. I have all of them on facebook and the only one I know anything about is Justin and it's not good things as far as a sponsor would be concerned.

09-16-2013, 08:15 PM
He does get out of control on facebook sometimes but people antagonize the shit out of him on there also. He is a real good time to gamble with and watch play. I have played him a lot lately. I agree if I was to sponsor him I would take fb away. I wish he would focus on pool and forget the casino Way bigger problem than facebook.