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01-11-2014, 02:36 AM
After receiving a care package from CJ Wiley, I had an idea, and I wonder what other people here may think about it. I keep hearing of how bad tables are at some bars or pool halls. In many cases that can be true (while in some, like at a local bar I shoot at, it is exactly the opposite, brand new simonis cloth on bar boxes), and in those many cases, the bar may not be bringing in enough money to take care of tables.

In other areas, some pool halls close up shop. I haven't personally had that problem, but I have only been shooting pool for about 2 years now. This summer will be the official two year mark in APA, where I started.

To combat this, I'd love to see instructors and professionals alike help combat this problem and add another incentive to paying more for table time and buying more food and just generally spending more money in billiards establishments.

Imagine, you're in a local pool hall and in walks a well known instructor or professional. They offer to sell you instructional DVDs at $5 apiece for every $30 you spend in the bar, or some fixed amount. For those without DVDs, they could partner with those that do or offer discounted lessons for every XX amount spent in the bar. Just make a circuit, go through different places and eventually go back to the same ones. Have these people go in say, twice a month to your favorite pool hall. How much more revenue do you think could be created with good marketing and how effective could this be long term?

01-11-2014, 11:01 AM
The few halls I've been shooting at the last few years have had handfuls of pro's in, offering lessons or trying to sell merchandise or even promote the place and not a single person gave a crap. Most of the people didn't even know who they were and God forbid they spend a few dollars to help the industry out. Kim Davenport owned and played (all the time) Champs in Modesto the length I can remember of my childhood and nobody cared.

01-11-2014, 11:26 AM
Won't work IMO

Most bars and pool rooms are not owned by biz people. The biz plan should already have in it a plan to keep the tables up. Rooms/bars are not managed correctly and that is the main culprit.
If more money was flowing in I still believe it would be mismanaged.

Not all owners are terrible but if you sit back and take a look at the bar/restaurant/tavern/pool room/honkey tonk type places you will see some serious serious lack of business knowledge.

Not that long ago a bar owner told me his tables were not bring in enough revenue to keep them up. We are friends so I asked for the numbers he had on them. He said he didn't have numbers but he just knew they were not making enough profit. He left in his new 50k car to go to his RV and vacation again for a week at the beach.

01-11-2014, 05:34 PM
Here is a way to revive a pool room. First off, pool players do not keep pool halls alive. Alcohol does. Pool time is like a small bonus. But this is my opinion have a ladies night every night. Free pool for ladies. All guys have to pay a small cover charge and pay for pool time. During the day the pool hall can have a pool special. Especially if they serve food. Like $7 gets u a sandwich and soft drink with one hour pool for lunch hour. After lunch hour $15 one time fee play till 6 when the ladies night kicks in. If anyone wants more advice just pm me. Be glad to help.