View Full Version : Warped Shafts

05-21-2003, 11:17 AM
Recently I aquired a D series McDermott with a warped shaft. It appears to have been made from a piece of stock with a knot in it. I have wet it and clamped it to a straight piece of metal. It will return to straight but will re warp after a day or so. Does anyone have any ideas about getting this straight again? Heat? Steam? Possibly having it turned to a Pro Taper? Or am I faced with getting a replacement?

05-21-2003, 01:08 PM
if you bought the cue brand new, i would recommend trying to have it replaced at no cost. otherwise i would pursue getting a new shaft. sometimes the large production cue manufactures don't properly age their woods between cuts and the end result is a greater amount of warpage in their products, both in the butt and the shaft. Also, no shaft should ever have a knot in it. To be perfectly honest with you, I would seek out a reputable cue repairman in your area and have him make you a new shaft. It will probably cost less than going to mcdermott, and will most likely be a nicer piece of wood than your current shaft. if there is nobody in your area, I would recommend scott at proficient billiards in ephrata, pa, or ted harris in maryland. both people are very good at what they do and have websites. good luck.

one last note. i personally don't play with one, but this might be a good opportunity for you to try a predator shaft. many players swear by them.