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05-22-2003, 12:18 PM
The UPA site has the contract they entered into with Capital City Classic posted on their website at: upatour.org/cap_contract.htm

After plowing through it a couple times the only thing I see is that all players must be members of the UPA (a $25 fee covers that and they don't have to sign the UPA contract) and a person can make a ball on the break and be charged with a foul. Three balls must pass the side pockets on a break. Never heard of that rule before. Players are seeded. UPA reps get free admission tickets and booth. All minor stuff it seems. Whatever happened to the big stumbling block where the UPA wanted an escrow account for prize money?

I also noticed that the US Open is not a sanctioned event by the UPA. I wonder what the stumbling block there is? Jake

Ken in CT
05-22-2003, 01:31 PM
Jake, It was annoounced some time ago that against CW's better judgment the UPA decided to drop the escrow requirement. The Mid Atlantic was run under the relaxed rules. As you probably know, not all the prize fund was paid.

That goes to show how valuable their sanction was. What do you get for it?
1. They put it up on their website.
2. They tell their members about it.
3. They give you 10% of their sales.
4. Of course they'll misspell something (like in the contract)

What does the UPA get?
1. $25 or $100 per entry. If all 128 join as pros that's almost $13,000 (fat chance).
2. Other good and valuable consideration, whatever that is.

Of course some present members might play and the UPA gets nothing additional from them. The UPA gets only around 30 players for their own events so maybe 15 will show up and they will all be seeded. The local players don't have to join but they have to beat a touring pro in order to get in the money.

I don't know why you assume no players will have to sign contracts. I don't see any indication of that.

The only results I foresee from this alliance is that fewer players will enter and Earl probably won't be there. Probably similar to the Mid Atlantic with fewer entries.
Ken In CT

05-22-2003, 04:24 PM
That's a perfect example of why I always let my attorney read the contract before I sign it. I seem to add stuff that doesn't belong. LOL I had read the contract that is posted for Allen Hopkins Gabriels Open in Vegas on the UPA home page and it did mention in that one that players can join the UPA without signing the UPA contract. But I see that they did omit that line in this contract. That could gum up the works. Jake

Ken in CT
05-22-2003, 05:32 PM
when did this "join the UPA" start? It seems that when they take a step forward they take two steps back. They eliminated the escrow that clearly could not be met and now everyone has to pay a tribute to them by joining the UPA. You have to join but no contract? It's just a surcharge to get the UPA more money out of someone elses tournament. Maybe the $1,000 fee was not enough.

These people are spending too much time figuring out how to screw the players and not enough time bringing in outside money.
Ken in CT