View Full Version : ABR 2Nite: BEF and BCA heat up Chicago

07-14-2016, 08:08 PM
With the BCA trade show, BEF junior nationals, and the Atlantic Challenge Cup all within a two week span, Chicago is crammed full of pool players from far and wide.

Join us as we catch up with Skip Nemecek of Tweeten Fibre Co. at the trade show for a chat about the (importance of) success of these junior events. Also this week, chapters 7 and 8 of Willie Hoppe's 1925 book: Thirty Years of Billiards.

Listen now: www.americanbilliardradio.com

07-15-2016, 06:16 AM
Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Shane Van Boening, Alison Fisher and Jeanette Lee are all here. Also, Raj Hundal and Ronnie O'Sullivam were here for the history channel doing some filming. Shane was at Chris's Billiards playing anyone who had some $. The junior event is free to attend I believe.