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The Renfro
07-19-2016, 12:27 AM

5 years pass quickly......

Tramp Steamer
07-19-2016, 06:35 AM
Mr. Howerton. Are you as proud of us, as we are of you? :smile:

07-19-2016, 06:46 AM
It seems like yesterday it was 40k members and now its 56k!

07-19-2016, 11:07 AM

07-19-2016, 11:58 AM

Ya know I kinda thought the same thing while back. But heck I don't even know how many members we had ten years ago and more. I had came before as well as one pocket.org before becoming a member.....well I had another member here in college I think that part of my memory is sketchy because I was just a lurker like on rsb. I never made a post there but old school kids always found the hidden cool stuff on the net....I grew up with no cable access and a black and white TV in country.....and my uncle was long time computer guy lol....I der remember well having no gui as we do today....all keyboard commands....dude ansii art lmao. The Internet was like a desert at one time....it was a strange experience for sure. It's how I knew quite a bit about cues in general and their construction before I moved to Tulsa in 04. Not that many years ago we only had 20k......I frequent machining and carpentry, duck call making and computer forums often.......I use the search function and am not a meme we of any of them. This is the only forum I have ever made a user member that I intended on using.

And boy have I used it lol.....what do yall think? [emoji8]

I wouldn't doubt that there are many hundreds of thousands of people who have been here at least once or min to the front news section.

I never used the site on mobile before few months ago. Ah well technically I used to post some years back on my iPod with tapatalk when I was on rig....I'd use platform wifi to send texts with it because I keep the cell off out there cuz it's 50cent to send a receive....doesn't seem like much but that crap can become hundreds of dollars very quickly....I see those boys out there do it often.

But using the mobile stuff I now see what some people had cried about in posting wide pics and such.....

I'm still really old school I think the nets a amazing place but it makes people lazy. I remember doing genealogy driving to libraries all over with my grandfather doing real research as a little boy.....now people are all proud after spending 30$ on ancestors.com lol......

It's possible I may have been one of the last kids to do such a thing and experience that I'm that way in America.

The Internet makes me think these things because I never had it and wow I really know a ton! But my entire life has been a search for information, that honestly is not an easy search for the right ad best stuff even today.

I just see many lazy people and really lazy very uncreative brains around me often.

Like a desert of understanding in a sea full of knowledge and the residents are drowning in stupidity!

How is that even possible!

Let's not pretend like I'm talking about pool because I'm not. But surely technology has made and is making everyone soft because people hate work....any kind of work. Mental or physical. Athletes want to be dumb, number guys and science nerds just play Nintendo.....yes video games are called Nintendo by 32 year old pbia instructor country boys with rocks still between their toes while they type on an iPhone4 lol.

But the family here knows they could jihad this site and we would just build another. That's a fact so for any destroyers out there....find more constructive things to do.

Go az,

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