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07-26-2016, 10:41 PM
NOMINATE this year's inductees!

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NOMINATE this year's inductees! Don't miss the greatest night in billiards! #worldstraight Laugh, Cry, Applause at The 6th Annual #StraightPool Hall of Fame Banquet Sept 7th at 7pm! Eat and drink with the stars of pool❤️
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08-15-2016, 09:12 AM
Thank you Gene Mann for this:

Did it the easy way this time. From Pete's own website:
Peter Margo, Straight Pool and 9-Ball Champion

Peter Margo has won many events over the years- and has many trophies to show for them. Read about Peter Margo, his billiards career and where he is today.

Record of Achievements

1971 World Championship Runner-Up (9 Ball)
1971 Maine Open 1st Place. Defeated Larry Liscotti, Jim Rempe, Jack Colovita & Pat Flemming.
1972 Stardust Open World Championship 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Joe Balsis in Finals, High Run 101 and Out.
1973 World Series of Pocket Billiards 14.1, 1st Place. Defeated Luther Lassiter and Steve Mizerak twice, high runs of 102 & out, and 121 & out.
1973 US Classic - 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Steve Mizerak.
1973 Hi-Cue Open (14.1). Defeated Jack Colovita.
1975 National 9-Ball Championship 1st Place. Defeated Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak, Jack Colovita, Jim Rempe and Larry Liscotti in Finals.
1975 Gold Crown 9-Ball Championship 1st Place. Defeated Ray Martin, Mike Sigal, Steve Mizerak, Earl Herring.
1975 Hi-Cue Open 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Jack Colovita, Earl Herring and Mike Eufemia.
1975 U.S. Open Runner-Up (14.1). Defeated Richie Florence, Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak. High Runs.
1975 NJ Open 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Tom Jennings, Gene Nagy, Larry Liscotti, Herb Le Hman, Ray Martin, Tom Jennings, Steve Mizerak. High Runs 128-132.
1975 V.I.P. Invitational (14.1). Defeated Luther Lassiter, Cicero Murphy, Steve Mizerak.
1976 World Series of Pool 9-Ball Runner-up.
1977 V.I.P 9 Ball Championship 1st Place. Defeated Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak and Alan Hopkins.
1977 World Series of Pool 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Irving Crane, Mike Carella, Steve Mizerak. High runs 330-150 & Out, +101.
1978 Battle of Champions 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Tom Jenning, Ray Martin, Jack Colovita. High Runs 132 & 122.
1978 National Gold Crown Championship 1st Place (14.1). Defeated Larry Liscotti, Irving Crane, Joe Balsis and Jack Colovita. High Runs 98, 98 & 128.
1978 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Runner-up. Defeated Larry Liscotti, Alan Hopkins & Steve Mizerak.
1978 World Series of Pool 9-Ball 1st Place. Defeated Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak, Irving Crane.
1979 Eastern Starts Championship Runner-up (14.1). Defeated Jack Colovita, Tom Jennings, Joe Balsis, Steve Mizerak.
1979 Money Play Shoot-Out 1st Place

High Runs and Records

High Run - 330 Balls - 1978 World Series of Pool, Arlington Virginia
Several Runs of over 300 Balls
World Record High Run for 100-Point Games, 1972 Stardust Open. 101 Unfinished.
Unfinished World Record - 270 Balls without a miss in Two Shooting Innings;
Followed by 138 Unfinished and 132 in first shot of the next game - 1979 World Open NY.

Television and Movie Appearances

Actor in the movie "The Baltimore Bullet"
1978 Good Morning America
1978 Trick Shot Show (ABC) Wide World of Sports
1978 Skill Shot Competition (ABC) Wide World of Sports
1978 Sahara Invitational 9-Ball (NBC) Sportsworld
1978 Money Players Shootout Tough Shots (CBS) Sports Spectacular
1979 Trick Shot Show (ABC) Wide World of Sports
1980 Merv Griffin Show (FOX)
Appeared in a Television Commercial with Joe Namath for BRUT Cologne
Appeared in a Television Commercial for Breck Shampoo
Appeared in a Television Commercial for Jordache Jeans

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