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08-03-2017, 03:07 PM
Something I've noticed over the years of playing, but not seen emphasized in most places is the correct speed at which to hit cut shots. Because of throw, bad contacts and other factors there are certain speeds below which it is not productive to go when shooting cut shots. Every time you do, you are gambling, and you should always make sure that the gamble will pay off. The ball needs a certain speed to keep throw low, and object ball speed fast enough to go straight and not veer off. There is also a turn towards the rail or out from the rail, depending on cut direction. On big pocket tables, this isn't that big of a deal on MOST shots, but playing tightpockets or snooker it's really important when close to the rail. The player I've seen that is then most aware of these factors is Jim Rempe. He even mentioned it in one of his videos, also he said he uses outside a lot. I tend to keep inside on the cueball, though.

Once I started noticing this, my consistency on shotmaking started to improve. I automatically stopped trying to hold shots that were questionable and shoot more reasonable shots instead. Of course there is always a balancing act, between getting too much speed on the object ball and too little...

Just a little thing that many experienced players do automatically, but maybe don't think about too much. Maybe it's just something everybody knows except for me (back when I started).

08-03-2017, 03:08 PM
Yuuuuuuup! Good post.