View Full Version : About The Qualifiers

mark tadd
11-15-2006, 04:42 AM
on the ipt website qualifier section , they have taken 9 qualifiers from week 9 and week 10 and made them into 5 more weeks for a total of 14 . why would they do that ?? this makes no sence . why not give the remaining people who want to qualify an idea if there is going to be a 100,000 guarrantee first or an ipt at all and stop the qualifiers till then . and on week 14 there is a qualifier that says Nov. 24th 10 AM Local Time and should be on week 10 . so their were 37 people last week and this week if no one else pays their should be only 17 .

based on this info and the dates and whats alerady known so far it looks really good or really really bad to me . mark tadd