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11-15-2006, 07:44 PM
Hi everyone!!

just a bad habit of me, but at 1000 posts, i feel i just have to write something more personal.

im a 29y young guy from Belgium , europe. ive played recreational snooker for 10years, 3 cussion for 1 year, french billiard for 3 years, and ive stared pool at a higher level since last year.

i am what they call a real POOLFREAK. i have a HUGE heart for the game, and im adicted. im either playing, or training, or checking forums, or looking at instructional video's, or pm'ing az'bers with questions , or reading books on how to improve my game, or talking about pool with my gf for hours, or helping everywhere i can to promote the game, localy, nationally and internationally, or im playing online poolgames, or im learning about cuebuilding, well lets face it. im doing something poolrelated 24/7.

i am what most would call a natural player, but i have changed it to a combination of natural/technical player. i have a pritty good eye for potting angles and bankshots (i dont use any aiming system, i just see it) but i need some technical things to keep my concentration level as high as possible.

since ive started pool, ive had different goals. first one was to get into the top50 ranked players in my country in the first year. i achieved this. the next goal was to get into a quarter finals of a national ranking in my 2d year, and im happy to say, i just achieved it last weekend :)

i have no real idea what i want to achieve on longer terms. i dont think ive got real ambitions to become a pro player. mainly because, ive got a university degree that can help me with a fixed income, and because its hard to become a pro or semi pro in my country. ive played MANY sports before pool, but pool is THE game that can motivate in unendable ways. there is ALWAYS something to learn. the game is SO complex, i dont think u can ever master it. i usually change hobbie /sports after a year or two, but i dont ever see this happen in pool.

its just a way of life, but i dont have real hope that it could make a fixed income for me. its just a hobbie that turned out to be an adiction.

what i would like to achieve on the longer term:
- be the manager of a poolroom
- build my own pooltable
- be the first new belgium custom cuebuiler of the year 2k.
- go to the usa, and meet AZB'ers and see some Big tournaments, and meet and great the greatest? and play in the AZB room at the dcc :D
- become a top32 national player and play in the eurotour and the european championship
- become the first belgium player to finish in the last32 of a eurotour (without counting female players, or juniors or weelchairs)
- organise my own pooltournament
- promote the belgium poolscene in the world.
- create the best pool site in belgium.
- pfff endless list of dreams i have.

many people know me as a silly person. i talk ALOT!!, im adicted to forums, and im not scared to ask silly questions, but i have the hearth in the right place.

For me AZB is the place where i get most of my knowledge. its my bible. i cant go to sleap without checking it daily.

some personal persons id like to thank.

- Scott aka snapshot: for being my mental coach. i dont know how it started, but i just feel we have a mental conection. u have called me your adopted poolson, wich honestly made me blush (i wont!! admit it gave me a tear!! im a MAN ffs :D). we both havent had the easyest times in live, but you have to know, that ill do anything i can if u ever need my help!. you are the dad i never really had, and i hope to be able to aford a trip to the usa, and meet you !!

- Colin aka 6pack man. you are the best coach i can have. iv said it thousand of times, but without your pm's, mails, posts, video's, etc i would NEVER have become a better player. everything i do , i own it thanks to you, and every one feels like i own it to you. u might say im exagerating, but im not. you are the first person the help people who u dont know, with knowledge thats priceless. no idea how i ever can pay u back, but i hope to ever win a NAtional Ranking event. that is a REAL goal for me, and that would be my paypack for allthe work u have put up.

- linda aka the virgin aka the AZ queen :D your highness *bows and gets on his knees* thx for being a desciple and to have met you. you are the person i admire the most because of this one little detail: u have the hearth in the right place. the donation u gave for the kidtournament kind of shocked me. i NEVER thought anyone would ever do this. it was more a post and hope thing i did. to let u know: the tournament did so well, and had more spectators then the national Belgium championship! within 2 weeks, the first EVER Belgium junior Championship 2006 will be hold, and it is thx to people like you who made it possible. might be a small thing for you, but for me it isnt. the world needs more people like you.

- AZb'er, stix4sale aka BHQ, donovan, double dave, cueball, purdman, WBM, ... pfff i prefere to stop here, because the list is endless. u all mean something to me, for whatever that reason is, but you have my respect.

id like AZ'b for existing, and for feeding my adiction and my knowledge.

i have gathered already a nice amount of rep points, but i really dont feel i earn them. this forum and the posters have given me SO much moren then i ever gave, or ever will be able to give back. but ill do my best, and thats why i made this small post, to let you all know a bit more about myself and give some respects to where they are due.

thx for everything guys and girls!! I LUB YOU :p

ps the reason why im so adicted to this game, is because i have a perfectionist minded mentality. i cant do things just a bit, i always have the tendency to learn to do it perfect. and as u can never get perfect in pool, i guess i'll be playing pool my hole life :D

11-15-2006, 08:27 PM
Looing forward to your next 1,000. You bring a lot to our forum, offering an objective view of the European pool scene in a country where pool is still in its developmental stages. You really make your posts count. Thanks.

11-15-2006, 08:30 PM
Congrats on the 100th post!

Sounds to me like you've done pretty damn well so far & have some good ambitions for the future. Go for your dreams! Hell, I turned 40 this year & never had an ambition. After picking up the cue again after years away I decided I want to be as good a player as I can. Sadly, getting practice time is hard but I'm working on it!!!

Good luck to you, hope you do well.


11-16-2006, 11:52 PM
thx for the reply's :)

i know its ALOT to read :p but seems uve done it :) that alone deserved some reps :D

hoping for alot more then 1000 posts here. ill never leave this forum.

11-17-2006, 12:37 AM
Solartje:i have a feeling that some day you will be a good pool instructor at your own hall....good luck in life:)

11-17-2006, 12:53 AM
He Solartje... you sound like a guy who has hit a thousand jackpots at 1 time! its nice to read about your ambitions.. and you will make it..i'm sure!

11-17-2006, 03:40 AM
Yes, we have a good time, don't we? Speculating about Pool, and talking Pool, and about our lives to each other.

You bring culture to the board, a different view, and good information about the Pool scene in Belgium and the rest of Europe. I hope you attain all your aspirations in Pool, and in life.

That Joss sounds like a good deal, I will email you later about what's going on with me.

11-17-2006, 06:31 AM

What can be said? You are a nice guy, equally interested in things, that drives you to learn. What more can the pool world ask for. I am proud to say you are my friend.

That was a great write up. One thing you have brought in here is a real insiders few of the European pool world. Other posters have contributed to that, but I have always found your perspective to be unique. Thanks for the intro into who you are my friend and I look forward to many future discussions. From your Brother Over Seas!