View Full Version : Game to solve 8/9 ball squabbles?

11-16-2006, 07:57 PM
I was playing tonight and was thinking about how people were grumbling about Ronato Alcano's soft break in the "World Championships" (in quotations because one tournament does not make a world champion) so I was thinking what could be an inbetween solution, so heres my idea.
13 Ball. Rack the balls in a small triangle like in 10 ball. Put the 13 in the middle. And then put the extra three in the back in the middle, resembling a tree shape. I tried it and i liked how it combined the breakout shot skills of 8 ball, but the rotational elements of 9. I ran out 1 rack out of 5, i play semi-professionally so if I can run out, I know the top players in the world could do it consisntently, with tight pockets or not, because I did it with Practice Pocket Reducers on so what do you think stupid, good idea, or yeah we already knew about that. Thanks.