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Island Drive
11-17-2006, 01:05 PM
Here's the Setup,
Object Ball near the long Rail 2+ diamonds from pocket & cue ball close by:

I recently wrote about force follow shots that come 3 around and back down table for shape. I mentioned those shots were not available in the World Championships (tight) due to either pocket size, shelf depth, pocket facings or a combination of them.

I also commented that I can't remember one player in all the matches I saw performing that shot, and I thought that was not right for the sport.

Here's my comparison and let me know what you think, if its a bashing smart allec post about my post just keep it short.

In a PGA event I would like to tighten up all the fairways with trees and have them no wider that 30 yards. If this situation was present I think instead of using a Driver, we would see almost every player using their irons, why, because they would have more control and make sure they did not miss the fairway. They would not be using a club that they have learned to play with, WHY, because of the conditions.

Whats happened because of the tight fairways, the game has drastically changed. Because they cannot use their full spectrum of shots, and I love to see John Daly boom one.

Pool is exactly the same, by making the shots down the rail not acceptable at speed, you have taken away a very important shot all great players have in their bag, we've 'removed' there force follow Shot/Driver, its not right for the game.

11-17-2006, 01:33 PM
Hello everybody!
I agree with you. I leave out IPT, but Pool changes too much imho.
I don't know about the pocket size, as long as they're within the standard rules we all play it's ok.

What I absolutely dislike is making the pockets tighter and racking the 9 on the footspot instead of the one (I think US Open)
Also alternate break is a no-go for me.

Here in Germany the premier league agreed on playing with IPT-size pockets. That is horrible in my eyes together with the new match lengths.
They've reduced straight pool from 150 to 100
8 and 9 ball are now played like in the second lowest league.
--> To make it more attractive
For me personally it's more attractive to see Feijen making a 150 and out with his first visit (last season, german premier league) instead of a mediocre 30 visits match

Never touch a running system ;)