View Full Version : Premier League Snooker

Roy Steffensen
11-17-2006, 09:05 PM
Here is what pool needs:


It's a league, where ALL the matches are broadcasted live!

I have been watching the last rounds and I just can't stop watching, because I know that if this guy wins he will get more points that my favourite and so on... Every match in every rounds is important to ME as a supporter!

They get these matches live, and people can bet on highest break, result + end results, which means BIG money in return. Yes, it is only 7 players in the league, but what if for example the US tried to start a pool-league with this system?

7 players, play 9-ball.

After 1 year, it would be a qualifier for the 3 availabe spots ( 3 players lose their spots).

It would be great tv, since the tv-audience would get the oppurtunity to know more about the players and the game...