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11-19-2006, 10:31 AM
Last night I watched the Buck-Michigan game and was going to get into the 9-ball tournament about a half hour after it's conclusion. A money player comes in with his cousin hours early trying to hustle up games. Now this money player knows he's the best in the place and just sorta resigns himself to the tournament. But his cousin is turning over every rock for a game.

His line, "Play some nine ball for cheap?" I turned him down as he already had reeled in two fish before they quite him and I was cold and watching the game. His game was good but 8 to nine guys in the place play the same level if not better by my judgement. He was snipping away at the lesser talent til they had none to give.

Soon the tournament starts and the cousin loses-wins-loses and is out of the tournament (the money player won it by the way.) A friend of mine (Brad) is playing pretty good in a tournament and during downtime makes a $5 game with him.

Heres where the point of this thread comes up. My friend is in the break and run ($330) and his name is drawn. He leaves the cheap money game to try his luck at the break and run. Also to finish out the tournament (he finished third and at that point in the tourny play never stops.)

This cousin who is down is pissed because my friend quits him to finish up the tournament. He takes bets with the money player and a muscle friend on the side of how many teeth he can knock out of Brads head. Another friend (Dan) overhears this and alerts my brother. Knowing a fight is about to happen Dan watches the muscle and my brother watches the cousin.

All this is happening and Brad is unaware as he is playing in the tournament. The cousin loops around the table to hit Brad from behind. He balls up his fist and with purpose walks quickly at Brads 8 o'clock. My brother rushes in at Brad's 9 o'clock and the cousin decides not to swing but starts screaming at Brad. The cousin was down $20 and tells Brad he ain't leaving with that money and that they are gonna play right now! Brads confused, but is still game to play and says, "Sure when I'm out of the tournement."

They start playing on the side Brad is up 9 games and they push it up to play for $10 a game. The Cousin brings it back to even and then they seesaw the rest of the next 2-3 hours. The barmaid informs them that once they were knocked out of the tournement they were on table time. The cousin blows up on her and tells her its BS knowone told him, ect., ect. (I never asked how table time turned out in the end.)

At this point Brads starting to get the best of the cousin. From the whispers its known the cousin just wants to get it back to even and quit, as does Brad as he is sick of the $hit. The cousin was never ahead once the whole night.

At that point I left with Brad up $20. I found out this morning the end result was Brad loosing $20.

In summary I have no problem at all with gambling during a tournament. This place was busy with tournament players only making up 20% of the crowd. The table time is forgotten by the bar as the tournament director takes over. Gambling on free tables on the side as long as your doing it on the sly was tolerated by the TD. But if you drew attention he would bust you into table time. The money they were playing for was low stakes but this cousin character was a tool. If it was his design to mess with Brads head it backfired in actual game play. What didnt backfire was that the game would never end unless the cousin came out winner or even. From what I heard with Brad laying down to get out he still couldnt lose as the cousin dogged it even bigger!

The bottom line I say, it is stepping over the line when you plan an attack on someone playing in a tournament. What's does this forum think?

11-19-2006, 10:54 AM
I would say that cousin was out of his gord! Make a fuss about a $5 game is ridiculous. First, I think gambling on the side when playing in a tournament is sketchy at best, and sometimes you can't give your best attention and effort to either.

I would not ever put myself into that positon, because I do NOT play for $5 OR $10 a game except on a challenge table. Besides if it wasn't at least a $50 set, it wouldn't be worth my time, let alone play with an a**hole.

I have, although, bet $50 or a $100 on the side for a tournaemnt match.

11-19-2006, 12:14 PM
agreed... that guy's cousin should stick to tractor racing.

11-19-2006, 02:47 PM
The cousin is a moron.

11-19-2006, 07:16 PM
Wow! Thanks to GOD it wasn't $25. Things could's got really bad!

I would'a just given the dude his money back and never played him again. If he dared ask twice, I'd remind him that he disliked loosing so much, I already had to give him his money back once and won't go through that again.

11-19-2006, 07:30 PM
The bottom line I say, it is stepping over the line when you plan an attack on someone playing in a tournament. What's does this forum think?

Honestly, I don't know what's dumber; a physical confrontation in a pool hall for no good reason, or having to ask what people on this message board what they think about it.

11-19-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi Renard,

For future reference, there is, in my opinion, nothing wrong with playing cash games at a tournament. However, as with every other endeavor in life, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. First and foremost, bad action (whether a losing game or especially an obnoxious and/or potentially violent opponent) is infinitely worse than no action at all. Your man should have quit him (and given the money back if necessary) at the first serious sign of truly ignorant behavior.

Secondly, wait until the day's tournament play is done before starting to gamble. If you've got to interrupt a gambling session to play a tournament match you take the serious risk of not properly concentrating on either.

Lastly, unless you're gambling just for experience, you've got to play for the cabbage, not yardage! Why interrupt focus on a trophy and hundreds of dollars for the sake of a $5 game?

11-21-2006, 04:33 PM
The reason I posted this thread is that I couldnt believe my eyes as to what was going on. My friend broke a cardinal rule in that he never set any boundries (a race, five game set, etc.) gambling this guy. So I believe he learned that lesson.

Second the money player condoned his cousins actions. I had, had respect for the money player till then. The money player was talking race to five for $500. Although I wasn't clear on if it was him or his cousin.

This behavior reminded me of bangers in a dive that wanted to fight more than play pool. In steps the money player (who by the way is frequently a backer for other players around town) and he completely shocked me. I was told of the confrontation part in this as I was busy watching the Rutgers game/ USC game on two TV's and didn't witness it. I witnessed the aftermath.

After asking the pool players around town the consensus was that the cousin was and still is a punk or gangsta wanna be.

More later gotta shot league tonight.