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Scott Lee
11-21-2006, 11:18 PM
I had the very good fortune, to be able to meet up with Wei (of Cue Table fame) today, at Broadway Billiards, in NYC. I had just finished three hours with my student, and in came Wei, looking like some fresh-faced kid (ha! I found out later he was 15 yrs older than I thought...lol). For some odd reason, I had expected Wei to be about 80, and have long flowing white hair (kinda like the martial arts master in the "Kill Bill" movies)...after all he IS a wizard with this program! He wanted a lesson, but we couldn't fit it in this time...so we scheduled something for next time!

We hit it off immediately, and decided to jump on the tight pocket table, to joust at some 1-Hole. Wei plays a very respectable game of one pocket. A quick three games later, we were out the door, and headed to catch a bite, and allow Wei to show me some of the new Cue Table ideas, coming soon. Believe me, the future generations of Cue Table, make subscribing to this service (which is now free, but should be paid for) a must for any poolplayer. We really don't know how good we have it, being able to diagram and post shots, using this user-friendly software program.

Wei now has a large international following. I suggested that his new program should be a very inexpensive, but subscription, program ($12/yr). This is the most innovative teaching tool that I have seen to date, and I plan to utilize Cue Table in my lesson plans. Thanks for sharing, Wei! See you next time!:D

Scott Lee

11-22-2006, 07:01 AM
We all give thanks to Wei for the gift he shared with us. It is an incredible tool. BIG THANKS, Wei!

I would certainly support his profiting from his baby. Customers though? I think he should offer advanced versions to websites like AZB and to Instructors who wish to use electronic media- perhaps hosting the service as well, users would actually use the table from WEI's website. Is there a percieved market amongst us pool fans?

What, Scott and Wei are different people? Well, I don't know why I am asking Scott all these questions. That does explain the 1p game tho...