View Full Version : Note to self: On Sloppiness

03-26-2007, 10:27 AM
Remember when playing and a bit out of sorts, loosely playing area position instead of pinpoint, getting the wrong angles, forcing balls, nudging too hard, not hitting the center of the pocket cleanly, failing to plan for right/wrong side of speed or distance, missing position on the key ball, leading to a poor angle on the break ball so it must be hit really hard to get any chance of positive movement from the balls?

Your last chance, self, is to remember to break the sloppiness cycle and RACK THE BALLS TIGHTLY so that every ft/pound of energy into the rack with a quality stroke has a hope of freeing that lower corner ball for the next shot, instead of leaving cue glued on wrong side of stack to ball with no chance but the circus shot.

It's times like this, after 2-3 poor (thinking + execution) shots in a row, I need to be reminded it isn't the practice time, it is the quality of practice time spent. At 46yrs old, and no world-beater, keeping the focus on quality and weeding out the bad patterns and memories and thinking habits is more important than quantity.

Note to self: store this prominently somewhere in that swiss cheese riding on your shoulders. Or better yet, tie a red ribbon on the ferrule of my cue to remind me. It could confuse my opponents as well.

03-27-2007, 05:38 AM
I agree with your thoughts. It's easy to fall into half-hearted practice as described by your checklist. Quality is the key; twenty or thirty minutes can go a long way. Yet, practicing in full concentration is hard work but fun when one finds the zone.