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Cameron Smith
04-14-2007, 06:18 PM
One of the typical ways people practice is by setting up a break ball, taking ball in hand and running as many as they can. However I was wondering if anybody has tried practicing in any different ways.

Here is an alternative that I have been playing with.

Try to pocket 150 (or whatever number you want, I have been considering seeing how many innings it would take for me to get to 1000) balls in the fewest innings as possible. So set up a break ball and run as many as you can. When you miss, add that run to your overall score (as you would playing a match), and then keep going. Keep track of each inning that goes by, and the runs for each inning. If you haven't got anything to shoot at after you miss take ball in hand, since this is about the offensive aspect of the game.

I find that I end up running more balls this way because I have an end goal in mind, rather than trying to run an endless amount of balls.

As far as the defensive aspect, I will practice safeties against myself. I am trying to play as many safes as I can before I leave myself a pocketable shot. It's kind of fun, because if you are really trying to put yourself in jail, as you get better and better it becomes more difficult to not leave yourself a shot to start a run with.

04-15-2007, 12:38 PM
I've been doing something similar when I practice but I go about it the other way. I've been setting up a break ball and running as many balls as I can but I keep it to 10 innings total and keep track of total balls.

04-17-2007, 08:39 AM
Here is a neat way to practice. I am going to try it today. Play yourself in a game of 14.1 using the score sheet I created yesterday. (see Balls Per Inning, started by Steve Lipsky, post by JoeW 04/16/07 at 03:16PM).

Place your name on both sides of the sheet. Use this scoring sheet to enter the results of each inning.

If you practice this way and keep notes on why you miss you will have several pieces of information about your game.
1. Your usual BPI
2. Your usual % of safes
3. Your high run
4. Some ideas about what you need to practice.

You can make a score sheet from the example shown or
I also have the scoring sheet in html format. You only need to load it into your browser and print. PM me for a copy of 14.1 score sheet and I will send you a copy by email. There is not a way to post the sheet here or I would make it available for download.

The scoring sheet can also be used for a game between you and another player if you enter two names.

04-17-2007, 09:19 AM
I noticed that there is a place to upload an attachment so I will attach ScoreSheet1.doc. It is three pages long and can be converted to html for those who do not have a word processor that prints MS Word doc files. Html file could not be uploaded