View Full Version : Thank you Charley Bond and Break Rak

05-09-2007, 09:14 PM
I have to say thank you Charley for letting us borrow a great piece of training equipment. Our high school students preparing for the 2007 BEF Junior Nationals worked on their 9-Ball break last night and it really helped them hone their breaks. What I REALLY loved about it is that I did not have to keep racking the balls EVERY break. After the training session I was curious what they thought about it. The response I got from them after was "Excellent", "Love it", "Awesome".

But the results were more impressive when they started to spar and break a real set of nine ball racks. One of the students made the 9-ball on the first break. That was also due to the little trick of reading the rack and excuting the break with a controlled speed. Your book is awsome. Lots of break info.

We will use it each week to help us at the Junior Nationals. Our guys know that there is some incredible talent at the Junior Nationals. They will have to work on all parts of our game. The break shot was a weak point for us. We are confident we can improve using it. Thanks again Charley for supporting high school billiards. You made alot of friends down here in Dallas.