View Full Version : solly's baby: a lathe is handy.

05-13-2007, 12:56 PM
HIya all,

ive changed the pedestals from my diamond too. i didnt like the cheap brilliant look of it, made it look cheap plastic , even if its HEAVY aluminium.
So i put it on a lathe and turned it, with a 200grid paper and then some stealwoll to give it a nice glance. they "turned" :rolleyes: out greath!!.

looks like brushed chrome :cool: perfect with the ebony oak :)

also something normal, but that i didnt think off:
the feet of the table, the largest part isnt full oak. Its a very thin 1mm oak wood part thats glued on some mdf (?). if u sand it, u have to be very carefully not to sand to hard, or you go right true it. its also the only table part that had some damage.. but its underneath the table so no one will notice it. for the rest. every visible part is full "LOVELY" oak once stripped down of all the surface products sanded off.

wanted to add some pictures, for those who might do it themselves one day. its a greath project, perfect to persenolise the table, and at least uve earned the table, not just smacked down $, AND its cheaper. :D

total cost till now:
+1600€ 9ft diamond table + aramith balls + accesoires (cues', table cover, lamps, etc etc)
+ 22€ sandingpaper
+ 5€ stealwoll and vinegar
+350€ (new simonis cloth + table fitting by the best table mechanic my country has)
= 1977€

Still onder my budget of 2000€ for the best fitted and playable new cloth custom diamond pro table + all accesoires. i think I'll need another 25€ for the bleach and extra stealwoll and vinegar if the test works and maybe another 50€ for the finish.
so thats 52€ over the budget, so.... ill probably sell the table lights for 52€ as next month the new 247cm long SUPER lights from italy are coming for a stealprice of 330€ shipping included instead of 450€ + shipping. :D

till now ive spend 40Hours sanding on the table. :D

im going to use a ebonysing methode to make the oak look like real madagascar ebony. Just some stealwoll and old iron nails without finish in some vinegar. let it rust for a week or more, and put it on the oak. it will look greath, and alot cheaper then the chemical things from the shop. The tanin in the oak is perfect for this method.

The railtops will be bleached with a A&B product that i have to buy. it will make the oak look like maple but with the typical oak grain still show true.

20hours left more or less of sanding, and then i can start the ebonysing and bleaching sample tests. i cross my fingers that the test come out greath!.