View Full Version : My BCA expeience

05-16-2007, 12:08 PM
It's been a dozen years since I last attended the BCA Nationals in Vegas and it's truly amazing how the event has grown!
Since we got here from Eastern Washington Thursday, it's been nothing but go-go-go and pool-pool-pool. Every time I turn around I run into a long lost friend - Julie Nogiec, Kristie Ortega, John Harmon (wakuljr on AZ billiards), Dave Hemmah, Jimmy Sweeney and so many others.
I had a great open tournament and placed third in the women's open singles event - WAKULJR sweated nearly all my matches, which was really a great support. But I woke up Tuesday morning with the hot seat match facing me and a horrible cold. Melissa Hallett of New Mexico played great, giving me only a few openings. She was outplaying me but I was managing to keep the score tight. I'm not sure how because my head was foggy and I wasn't thinking well. The match went hill-hill and I had a good shot at the final game, but let my cue ball roll a quarter of an inch too far and tied myself up. Had to kick at my ball and almost double kissed it in, but alas...it was not to be and she got out.
I had to play Betty Sessions in the semi-finals and I just wasn't there for it.
She played solid and great, as one expects from her. I wasn't able to watch the finals, but I understand that Melissa beat Betty and took the title.

The most impressive thing that I noticed throughout the event was the sportsmanship shown by the overwhelming majority. With the exception of one opponent (not one of the finalists), everybody I played kept a great attitude and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. It was inspiring.

If anyone has time, they should definately stop by the AZ Billiards room. We had a great time, met some AZb'ers and played a little pool. It's a great escape from the tournament room and the casino.

Another interesting tidbit, there were four women's semi final matches playing Tuesday at noon in the area with bleachers - open and masters. It was wonderful to see that four of the eight opponents - myself, Bev, Jackie and Kathy - are all players on the Northwest Women's Pool Association. It's great to see so many of the Northwest players at the high end of the money!!!!

Good luck to everyone in the team event!