View Full Version : Predator Pro Pool School: Thank Yous!

03-29-2003, 10:38 PM
Thanks to all the students who made the last Predator Pro Pool School a success!

Also thanks to Ralf Souquet, Nick Varner, and Tony Robles for their hard work and the great exhibitions they put on Monday night!

Congrats to "Chicago Flash" Jeff Mohl for winning our Predator Pro Pool School Student Tournament and a new Predator Cue!

The next school will be May 5-6 in Boston at Country Club USA with Buddy Hall, Karen Corr, and Tony Robles! There will also be a special challenge match on Monday night with Buddy vs Karen! If you want to come please e-mail us at propoolschool@hotmail.com or call 540-420-1056.

Thank you everyone,
Charlie Williams