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07-10-2007, 07:47 PM
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Barouty vs Engert

D is Dan Barouty and T is Thomas Engert

D breaks and leaves tough 9 that T fires in. Runs out onto side pocket breakshot but misses pack, and a safety battle that would last ten minutes and would include three intentional fouls by each player along the way was won at 11/-3 when D combod in the twelve, but he was unlucky on the leave. D tried to combo in the 15 in the side, but missed it, and T runs out for a lead of 24/-2.

T makes breakshot but misses easy six in the sideafter making just three, and D runs the rest of that rack for 27/9 behind. Makes breakshot, but later in the rack D overcuts the 14 in the corner, and after T runs out the last six balls of the rack, he's 33/17 ahead. Makes breakshot but later in rack, T hits a behind the rack breakshot a little too soft for my taste, and tries to combo in the 12, but isn't up to it. D misses right back on a 5 in the corner up the long rail, and T runs the rest of the rack for 47/17 ahead. Hits the next breakshot well with plenty of pace, perhaps in an adjustment of the passive breakshot that cost him his turn in the previous rack. layout is no bargain, but T solves the puzzle with short side shape on the 7 ball, and runs out for 61/17 ahead. Adds another racks to his run for 75/17 ahead, but next breakshot leaves cue ball stuck to the rack. Jacks his cue up, but T cannot negotiate the twelve n the corner, so D returns to the table, after T's run of 36. D runs just seven balls, after a bad miss on the 3 in the corner, and T runs remainder of rack for 82/24 ahead.

With bad shape on the break ball, T attempts a two rail inside english breakshot under the stack, but misses the pack completelyand misplays the top of the rack safety, leaving D a shot, and D runs out for 83/37 behind. Makes breakshot but bad miss on on the four n the side late in the rack, followed by T run of the last two balls of the rack give T an 85/49 lead. T makes the breakshot but the balls don't spread and he's not up to the 12 in the side, leaving D an opportunity, but first he'll take his bathroom break.

Washed up and ready to go, D returns and runs the rest of the rack, so it's 86/62 favor of T. Side pocket break shot by D results in a scratch of the cue ball, and T need just that rack t win, but runs only seven balls, so D has another chance, running the remainder of the racks for 93/68 behind. Leaves such a thin cut on the next breakshot that he opts for a safety instead. T safety leaves D a look at a long combo, but D wisely passes it up and plays another safe. After a couple of additional safeties, inclusive of an intentional foul by T, T takes a gamble, trying to shoot a tough nine ball to the top corner and misses it badly. D runs out to pull within 92/82. D makes the break shot, but the balls don't cooperate and D must play a supertough 1 ball into the top corner, whcih he nails. Fantastic shot! Runs a few more but gets the wrong angle on the fourteen in the corner and fails to cut it in, so it T by 92/88. T runs 8 and out to win 100/88.

Immonen vs Schmidt

M is Mika Immonen and J is John Schmidt. Pleased to report that fellow poster and good friend GG11 sweated most of this one with me.

J breaks them well, but M makes a killer 9 ball and jumps out to 14-0 lead, but gets wrong on the break shot. Tries a three railer off the top rail to hit the pack but misses the stack and takes a backscratch, leading 14/0. M wins the safety battle and rns the rack for 27/0 ahead. Opens up next pack, and barely breaks a sweat runing the rack for 41/0 ahead. Makes next breakshopt, but the next rack is tricky, and M solves the puzzle with a well judged carom of the 6 ball into the corner. The rest is routine, so it 55/0. Makes the next breakshot and one other ball but loses his inning with a bad miss in the side pocket, so his run ends at 43, and J returns to the table down 57/0.

J runs the next 12, leaving a breakshot, so he's behind 57/12. Makes the next breakshot and combos in the 6 ball to get full control of the next rack, runnning out to pull within 57/26. Makes the next breakshot, but runs out of shape late in the rack. Abrilliant thin cut shot on the 11 ball save the run, and J runs out for 57/40 behind. J scratches off the pack on the next breakshot, however, and M return to the table with a lead of 57/39 and ball in hand, completing the rack for a 71/39 lead, and runs another for 85/39 ahead. Has to break by going one rail under the rack and makes it but doesn't have a shot. All the safeties are tricky, so it seems he'll surely take a foul (remember, it was J's scratch off the pack that brought M to the table), but he tires a three rail safety and, though nearly executing it, leave J a shot on the 5 ball, which J makes, but he runs out of position moments later, and is unable to save the turn with a long shot into the top corner, walking away from the table trailing 86/42. M runs out the match for 100-42.