View Full Version : The C Drill

Bob Jewett
07-26-2007, 02:00 PM
So I saw the question about the L drill and I said to myself, "Bob, what the heck does this drill have to do with straight pool?" Then I realized that it is the sort of close position manipulation that you often need at 14.1 -- come off the cushion and get just the right angle on the next ball out. So, always thinking (a bad habit) I wondered what other letters we might use.

How about the "C" drill? This exercises similar skills as the L drill but gets the side pockets involved as well. Put two lines of balls coming off the foot rail each a diamond from a corner pocket out a diamond and a half or so using five balls, then close them together with some balls across the two ends with one on the spot. I'm not sure about the best placement -- need to try it on a table.