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08-29-2007, 08:37 AM
:( yesterday there was a meeting for the different teams and players of the state championship (in belgium)

I remember last year, they already wanted to remove the 14-1 games, as the other states dont play it. (uniformisation (sp?) they called it). I was aposed to this idea, as 14-1 IS a part of pool , just like 9b is. popularity changes over the years, shouldn't matter. i had to convince different players so we would get the majority of the votes, and we just barely won.

now this year its done. The board descided on themselves, and there will be no more 14-1 matches in the state championship.

instead of
2 x 9ball games
2 x 8ball games
2 x 14-1 games

its now 3x9 and 3x8.

i think its just plain stupid. if they really want to uniformise the poolgame to higher levels, why dont the OTHER states change there way of playing and ADD!!! 14-1. i mean if you check the european championship, they play 8b, 9b and 14-1. So why not let the other states change so the national level tournaments are the same as the international (eurp?an) tournaments.

its really a set back for me personaly, and for the straightpool lovers.
I refuse to give up 14-1 to play 9ball, just because 80% of the open tournaments play 9ball. i refuse to stop training straight pool, and i'll always keep fighting for the game, but im just a ballbanger with no voice.

maybe i should start a petition , signed with all the players to reintroduce straightpool. because as it is now, in 356days of a year, there are exactly 3 tournaments where u play straight pool (ranking events, open's, national championships and state championships). this is just a shame. they are even talking to remove the 3 events where you still play 14-1.

How will they ever find good players to represent our country on the 14-1 section of international level, if on national level they discourage playing the game.

ok done :) sorry for the rant, just had to post it. :(

08-29-2007, 09:56 AM

This makes your other post make a lot more sense to me. It's no wonder nobody is running any high numbers when there is absolutely no support or interest to promote the game in your country.

The game is in the middle of resurgence thanks to the hard work of Bob Jewett, Randy Goldwater, Thorsten Hohmann, Danny Harriman, Max Eberle, and of course, John Schmidt. It is sad to see that the people in positions of power felt it necessary to do this. Perhaps it was a time contraint issue? Perhaps they want to concentrate on the other disciplines? It makes no sense in light of the popularity that the game is generating everywhere else in the world.

It takes someone with your passion to get the ball rolling - if you need any help whatsoever, give me a call and let me know what I can do.


08-29-2007, 10:37 AM
you forgot to add yourself to the list blackjack. :)

im sure you post have motivated alot of azb'ers and students of you to play 14-1. Neat in, neat out :D its engraved in my head forever.

About what you can do?
'politically' there is nothing u can do. its all about politics...

the question is more, what can i do?
but the world can't be saved by one person.

i could join the board, and fight for it, but i dont have the time to do so.
i wish i could, but with a fulltime job, 2 barr's to run, pool, and some other sidejobs, i hardly got time to just sit down and watch tv. i think i would slow the board more down, then i would help it.

only thing i can do, is show them how strong the interest is in the game, cfr the petition i was talking before.

it might be a good idea to make a poll between all the A and B ranking players. Ill just make something, and then let every player choose and democracy will do the rest.

any other idea's are welcome


what are the things i should put in the petition?
how would u assemble it?

ive contacted several persons from different levels to help bringing the poll to tournaments, so we get as much coverage as possible.

08-29-2007, 03:11 PM
Would it be appropriate to solicit help from the above mentioned ,Bob Jewett, Randy Goldwater, Thorsten Hohmann, Danny Harriman, Max Eberle, and of course, John Schmidt. Would their support be of any help. I don't know them, but who knows. They have an interest in the game growing. Just a thought.

08-29-2007, 04:46 PM
is there a physical address where a person can write them? it might make more impact if they get a bunch of letters (as opposed to some internet petition or a bunch of emails).

they know english and/or french right?

NYC cue dude
08-29-2007, 06:23 PM
As blackjack stated, if there is anything I can do, or anyone I can "talk" to, I would be more than willing.

I feel quite sad right now!

Randy Goldwater

08-30-2007, 01:03 AM
hi all,

well it wont be a internet poll or something on the forum. They don't take those into account. been there, done that, wont work.

just writing them, wont work easy. It's one letter, they allready are low in personel, you probably wouldnt get an answer, and it will lay down on a big pile. Calling, good luck with that. :D

So what i was going to do is:
print some hundreds of forms. explaining:

- what this petition is for
- what we would like (in contrary to what is happening now, pushing 14-1 back into popularity)

then people would have to sign it, and write down a short explenation why they would like to keep it or dont want to keep it.

I'll just take the forms and let them fill it in , between games of the national ranking events, opens etc.. for this year it might be to late to change the rules in between , but at least we'll have a chance for next year. giving me time enough to collect enough votes and opinions.

What you could do, and this might be something for the bigger names; john, thorsten, etc... i could send you the form, u fill it in and just send the letter signed back to me.

I'm sure that with some important names added to the list, it might help.
its almost a david and goliath fight. but many little david's make one HELL of a big goliath. :D

i just got a mail from the new 2007 European champion (personal friend who lives in belgium) will take some forms and lett players fill it in and he will sign it too.

So give me a week (next week thuesday, there will be the playersmeeting, there i'll hear what exactly has been descided and then ill make the form)

i'll post it on my website, so you can just download it, and you are all free to fill it in and send it to me.

MMmmmm i'm starting to think this might even work.!!!