View Full Version : ATTN: Straight pool lovers - MD/DC/VA (continued)

08-29-2007, 01:13 PM
Here is more detailed information regarding the the Willie Mosconi 14.1 Straight Pool League on Wed. nights at Bill & Billie?s, Arnold, MD. Here is the address:

1244 Ritchie Hwy # 4, Arnold, MD 21012
Tel: (410) 544-8185

We have two sessions each year, Spring & Fall. The next session will begin Wed. night Sep 5, 2007 and continue thru mid-Dec., concluding with the Finals Tournament among the top finishers. Mark the dates on your calendar. There is a bulletin board at Bill & Billies with the league & tournament format and a lot of other info. Check it out.

The Straight Pool League is on Wednesday nights, free practice 6:30, matches begin 7:00 to 7:30. The league is long established and well organized and devoted to folks who love the wonderful old time challenge and nostalgia of Straight Pool, or maybe who have not played, but would like to learn.

We typically have 36 players, six players in 6 brackets, AB-CD-EF. Each player is assigned a handicap, usually 50-170. You always play to your own particular handicap; your opponent plays to his. We review the handicaps a few times during each session, and adjust up/down as may be needed for fairness. Ideally if the handicaps are fair then most players win about half their matches. That is the ideal scenario, everyone is competitive, wins half their games, and are evenly matched. Good format. The exact number of matches you play depends on the final # of players, but usually 16 matches.


Call Peter Burrows at 410-757-3488, or send an email to: