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Roy Steffensen
09-26-2007, 02:56 PM
This weekend the Norwegian 14-1 Championship will be arranged.

Matches will start Friday evening, final on Sunday.

In the first rounds race to 100, but matches will end after 30 innings if no players have got 100 points, no matter what the score is. So the guy with most points after 30 innings wins the match. First time this is tried.

54 players registered and this is the draw:

EDIT: I copied it from the Norwegian website. We have 3 more letters in the alphabet, so that's why some names are weird on here :D

1. Vegar Kristiansen - Walk Over
2. Joachim Kvam - P?l Fillipsveen (vinner m?ter Vegar)
3. Navid Eslah - Roger Rasmussen
4. Svein Ringen - Michael Gundersen (vinner 3 og vinner 4 m?tes)
5. Stig Ringebo - Walk Over
6. Ine Helvik - Lars Harby (vinner m?ter Stig)
7. Thor Skjaldarson - Ruben Waage (vinner m?ter Christian J.)
8. Walk Over - Christian Johannessen

9. Ronny Kraft - Walk Over
10. Martine Christiansen - Petter ?deg?rd (vinner m?ter Ronny K.)
11. Egil Arne S?rensen - Raymond Torgersen
12. Kahlil Haltvik Avis - Thomas Kosberg (vinner 11 m?ter vinner 12)
13. Trond Andre Larsen - Wilhelm R. Lorentzen
14. Robert Farinetti - Martin Rottem Dahle (vinner 13 m?ter vinner 14)
15. Jan Robert Pedersen - Christian Laland (vinner m?ter Mats S.)
16. Walk Over - Mats Schjetne

17. Ronny Oldervik - Walk Over
18. Line Kj?rsvik - Kim Garmark (vinner m?ter Ronny O.)
19. Abbas Baghersadeh - Alexander Hagen
20. Tom Bjerke - Johnny Ellingsen (vinner 19 m?ter vinner 20)
21. Terje Haugen - Sebastian M?hlum
22. Jan Ingvoldstad - Bj?rn Strandhus (vinner 21 m?ter vinner 22)
23. Kristoffer Mindreb?e - P?l Helgesen (vinner m?ter Henrik H.)
24. Walk Over - Henrik Hagen

25. Rune Bratbergsengen - Walk Over
26. Timo M?kel? - Kyrre Storheil (vinner m?ter Rune B.)
27. Malvin Bjelland - Roy Steffensen (vinner m?ter Juuso J.)
28. Walk Over - Juuso Jaaskelainen
29. Espen M. Andersen - Terje Blegen
30. Joakim Haugen - Marius F. Fiveltun (vinner 29 m?ter vinner 30)
31. Arnfinn Guttorm - ?zgur Simsek (vinner m?ter Roger L.)
32. Walk Over - Roger Lysholm

At least 5 AZB'ers will play this weekend, plus 1 lurker:

Roy Steffensen

lurker = sebasian m?hlum. up and coming youth player.

Favourite for the weekend is of course Vegar Kristiansen who has a personal high run of 267.

Other really good straight pool players:

Malvin Bjelland, high run of 208 (my opponent in first match)
Joakim Haugen, high run of 155, 14-1 Champion last year
Line Kjorsvik, high run of 116

Christian Johannessen, Timo M?kel?, Roger Lysholm, Ronny Oldervik, Kim Garmark, Rune Bratbergsengen are players with high runs over 100 too, and who are capable of running 100 and out this weekend.

2 years ago Vegar Kristiansen won the 14-1 Championship with an average score of 37,5 point in total for all 8 matches he played. 2 run over 100, 1 was 125 and out against Rune Bratbergsengen on his 2nd inning. (To bad he got the inviation for the World 14-1 Championship only 1,5 week before the tournament, if not he would have played. And won, of course :o)

I haven't played much pool the last 2 weeks myself. Tried a match against Line Kjorsvik today, race to 200. I got 89 points. None of us played any good, few runs, but she finished with average of 8.

Steve Lipsky
09-26-2007, 03:01 PM
Good luck Roy! Tell us how it goes!

Roy Steffensen
10-02-2007, 05:20 AM
Finally time for a report.

I had a tough opponent facing Malvin Bjelland, runner up in Norwegian 9-ball Championship last year, and high run of 208 in 14-1. I lost 100 - 26, after starting with running 15 balls after his break. From then I was only at the table facing safeties...

In my next match on the loserside I met Espen Andersen, runner-up in Norwegian 14-1 Championship last year. Yuhuu, luck of the draw ;)

I lost 100 - 67, and in this match I did a terrible mistake. After being down 91 - 39 I made 28 balls, then lost control on the cueball so it got frozen into a ball and the rail. I had no shots on the 6 remaining balls on the wide open table, and after a while thinking I decided to go for a bank shot and missed. The second after I shot the shot I knew I should have taken a "scratch" and just barely touched the cueball, leaving him nothing... Well, maybe next time? :p

The highest run in the tournament was only 84, by Joakim Haugen. Vegar Kristiansen and female Line Kjorsvik had both several runs of +-50 balls. (Line had at least 4, and her average was 9,5 in all matches).

The big surprise of the weekend:

The winner, 16 years old Mats Schjetne. He finished second in the Norwegian 9-ball Championship one month ago. A coming star in the poolworld. He is fortunate to have a coach with him on all matches, giving him feedback before and after each match (owner of the poolhall where he practise 40 hours a week). Mats beat both Roger Lysholm and Vegar Kristiansen in the quarterfinal and semifinal, ranked as nr 2 and nr 1 in Norway, and beat Malvin Bjelland in the final. In the match against Vegar he won 125 - 30 with an average of 12,5.

Anyway, it was a good tournament. 54 players for a 14-1 tournament is not bad at all.

10-02-2007, 07:53 AM
I hope you had a great time, Roy. Tough draw, yes, but remember you are always going to gain experience, and with that experience you will become more comfortable playing against those top players. Great job, and I am glad to see so many players playing straight pool!