View Full Version : RESULTS**October 13th $50 9ball Waco,TX

10-15-2007, 10:36 PM
Well the turnout in Waco was +10 players over October 2006!! 34 Players Made their way to Clicks Billiards for the October Event! Let me tell you it was nothing short of spooky!

Top picks for this month were returning champions Louie Pacheco, Jon Rollins and Celo Velasquez, also among the top picks are a pair of very straight shooting Austin players, Brian Sanders and Nick Hood!

Our 5-6th place finishers were a couple of guys who both play very well and both do it differently, but ended up in the same place! Congratulations to Jon Rollins of the DFW area and Benny Scott from Waco. Good Shooting guys!

Big jump in pay to 4th place was Austin's own Brian Sanders. Brian was playing really fast and loose. Seems to hurt him more towards the finals.Brian can snap this off, I'm sure!

Another raise and 3rd place goes to Brenham's Ricky Mewis. Ricky was giving a clinic in the ring games Friday night and it carried over to Saturday! Good Player!

Well that only leaves 2. Some times a little break from pool can really take your game to a new depth. Nick Hood from Austin, TX just recently had a cast removed from one arm. He was playing like a thirsty man in the desert and the water was the Finals!! Nick started out the day Defeating Frank Cherry 7-5, then, Henry Rocha 7-6, and then Ricky Mewis 7-3 and Benny Scott 7-6. Nick would now have a shot at the hot seat!!

David Escobedo and his really beautiful sidekick Connie have made several of our Events here in Waco. They are always a ton of fun..but today David had no distractions, Connie couldn't make it. David was on cruise control as he swept through his side of the bracket defeating Frankie Loftin 7-5, returning Champion Celo Velasquez 7-6!!, He would then win over Straight shooting "old school" champion from the 80s Charlie Bennett 7-2. Returning Champion Jon Rollins 7-5! Only one left in the winner's side, Nick Hood from Austin. Nick put up on a great showing, but would lose to David Escobedo 7-6!! Nick goes to the one loss side and defeats Ricky Mewis of Brenham 7-4 for another shot David Escobedo.

The Final Race to 9 was a great match and both players deserve a pat on the back, but only one could be Champion. When the dust settled it was 9-7 and David Escobedo would be our new Champion!

Special thanks to Jim Ashby, manager of Clicks Waco. Without Jim's support and guidance, none of this would be possible. Also thanks to James Hanshew, of Hanshew Custom Cues, who has supported this event for over a year now. James is a stand up guy who makes an awesome player cue. Thank you, Lewis Jones and Paul Blank of PKL Promotions. These guys run the Fast Eddies 9Ball Tour and few other select events including the Texas Open. They have been a source of constant support and inspiration.

1st = 1450 +entry to the Fast Eddies 9 Ball Tour in Waco, PKL Promotions
2nd = 725 + entry to the Fast Eddies 9Ball Tour in Waco, Cue & A Billiard Promotions
3rd = 410
4th = 240
5-6th = 50/50