View Full Version : Great Action In Newport Beach Ca!

10-16-2007, 06:16 PM
For once a Bar where everyone in the Room gambled WOW! This tournament in Newport Beach is the nuts! Its on Monday Nights at a place called The District. It starts about 8, its a 10 dollar bill to get in the tournament and it pays about 140 for first. The players there are better than most bar players. You will also find really good players there at any given moment. The side action is what is really the nuts! You can bet on any freakin match you want, everybody in this place gambles, it can be two Hacks or two players if you want action you got it! Then after the tournament 40 a game 9 ball on the Barbox on both tables! Than after that, getting to sweat a race to seven for 500! I know this may sound like nothing to guys in other states but thats real action out here Man! Any locals wanna roll next week and need more info hit me up. P.S Great Eye Candy Too!Out! Black Jef...............