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12-02-2007, 02:37 AM
It seems to me if everyone used a standardized name for each pocket, that shots could be explained easier. For instance, if you stand at the breaking end, the pocket on your left could always be Pocket 1. Following around clockwise, the left side pocket would be Pocket 2 and so forth until you reach the corner pocket on your right which would be Pocket 6. It could be shortened to P1, P2, etc.

Now you would know that if I said my shot had the CB near P2, with my OB a diamond to the right of P4, you would know what my shot was, and if I scratched in P3, you could probably even figure out how I hit the shot.

I know Bernie did something like this, but his system was more advanced and accounted for every position of every ball, but it was too complicated to keep track of.

This certainly wouldn't put Cuetable out of business, lol, but it would simplify telling someone about a shot. What do you think?

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12-02-2007, 03:03 AM
Its like playing golf, I usually use the golf holes, which are exactly as you named them

12-02-2007, 06:48 AM
I usually call them:

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Shortside K
12-02-2007, 07:52 AM
I think the problem with your system is that it does not allow for reasonably precise ball locations. It is difficult to visualize/assess a shot or situation when the ball locations are not precise.

A good idea, but needs expanding, I think. And, like you say... a more detailed version has been tried, but it is difficult to master. Not saying it can't be done... similar to a chess board/moves... but without regular use... difficult to understand and use.

The "cue table" seems to be the best system available right now.

12-02-2007, 08:56 AM
Its like playing golf, I usually use the golf holes, which are exactly as you named them

When I played golf, now this has been a long time ago, the first pocket was the "side pocket"

The right side-from where you are starting from.
right side
top right corner
left top corner
left side
left lower corner
right lower corner

guess it changes or different in other areas

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//why am i still up?

Cindy seems to be the tightest pocket and Marsha seems to be the loosest. As for Jan, well.....MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!!!


12-02-2007, 12:09 PM
The table locations can be named with an X (horizontal) Y (vertical) plot as shown below.

The foot spot is located at X=3 Y = 7 or location 3,7.
There is a pocket at X=1,Y=1 or "Pocket 1,1"
The cue ball is currently located at "CB=2,2".
The red three ball "3B=3.3, 4.8"
The Blue Two Ball is located at "2B=1.5, 8.6"

The cue ball to the right of the diagram can be used to locate tip position where?

C = Clock face

T = Tip off set (+1 = one tip above center, -1= one tip below center).

P = Power to move the cue ball in decimal notation, where:
1 = power required to move the cue ball one table length
2 = power to move the cue ball two table lengths
1.5 = one and one half lengths of the table.


To use this notational system highlight and copy to the clip board. Print and post near your computer or place in a notepad file.
It is a jpeg file locate at http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/JoeW04/TableNamed.jpg

Shoot the CB (loc=2,2) with C=12,T=.5, P=.5 to pocket the 3B (3.3,4.8) in Pocket 5,5 and get position on the 2B (1.5,8.6). The CB should come to rest at 3,7 but I do not know why.:eek:

Without the diagram all that one has to remember is that the corner pocket to one's left as seen from the head of the table is location 1,1, then count and estimate. Positions are always given as X,Y or across the front (from left to right) and down the side (from head to foot). To remember which axis comes first in a notation note that "X" comes before "Y" in the alphabet. The XY designations are used as many people trained in math will recognize this as a standard plot. It can be used by those with and without math training.

I designed and wrote this system in the last hour or so. It is based on reading many books and other materials over the years. I made the jpeg rendering with Corel Draw a few days ago for another project. The notational system It is not copyrighted and may be used by anyone for any purpose.

The CDR used to make table diagrams is available at no charge by email.

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mmmmmmm, marsha's pocket...

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12-02-2007, 12:32 PM
I call the corners either "uptown" (near headend) or "downtown," (near footend) as in "8-ball, downtown."

The sides? On a Valley table? Never use 'em. :D

Jeff Livingston

12-02-2007, 03:32 PM
There has been a standardized convention for decades.
Left and right, foot, center, and head. Left and right determined
as by the view standing at the head of the table.

As others have said - the diamonds give a grid system that
can be divided into as many parts as practical. Tenths should
handle most situations.


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Cindy seems to be the tightest pocket and Marsha seems to be the loosest. As for Jan, well.....MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!!!


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