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12-03-2007, 06:37 AM
The thread on Micheal Tosado got me thinking. Since AzBilliards is a huge forum, with people from all over the united states, and world participating, we don't really know how good everyone else's local players are. And the reason Propoolvideo comes to mind is because we all now have an excellent idea of what the scene in florida is like. And it for the first time, gave me an indication of what the difference between a good local player, a pro, and world class all were. And the differences I must admit are subtle. Players that I had heard of before and thought were good, are now in mind just so-so. On the other hand some of the players I had never heard of before play fantastic. I think until we have a propoolvideo, like site with matches from all over the country, showcasing tournament play, most of us will still be in the dark about many many players and how well they play. Just because someone plays an "open" speed in New York, what does that mean in CA? For that matter what does that mean in New York? Obviously youtube, while being a great tool to display talent, can't really be relied upon to show "true" "speed". You would need to see a decent length match to show that. So I just want to thank propoolvideo, keep up the good work, and lets hope others follow your model.

12-03-2007, 09:03 PM
yeah, that's a good point. I think PPV was putting up vids of guys like shane before they became household names. And I'm also curious what the top speed is in various places. I know in ny and pittsburgh it's scary, so what about LA and chicago or boston? There are famous players from these places, but what's it like overall? It'd be cool if other sites could help us find out, or better yet just contribute their local footage to PPV. If there's anyone who plays or just attends all the big events in an area, all they need is a fairly inexpensive camcorder, permission to film, and an internet connection to get PPV more awesome content.