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12-03-2007, 07:05 PM
About 45 years ago, during the year when I became hooked on playing pool, I had a recurring fantasy. In my pool day dream, I had somehow become able to make any physically possible pool shot and could do this any time I wanted. I could make a multi-ball combination with 100% accuracy and do it time after time if I chose. 89.99% cut shots, even from long distance, would require no special effort on my part. For some reason, I didn't have fantasies about perfect cue ball control, just super-human shot making. I used to try to figure out how I could make the most possible profit from gambling on my perfect shot making - this usually involved going to Las Vegas and getting some casino to lay odds on a proposition shot.

Now that I have shared one of my "pool dreams" with you, perhaps you will be willing to share one of yours? Maybe your dream involves playing a match against a high profile opponent or wining a prestigious event. Or wining a ton of cash. Or owning some high-end cues. Or?

12-03-2007, 08:00 PM
Not really had a nightime dream but daydreamed about what it feels like to walk into a poolroom and know that you are the best there sorta like Tony Watson or Stevie Moore have to have that feeling alot. It sure would feel good to have to the nuts to walk in any room and say everyone in here can get the six out with the breaks, and proceed to fill up your pockets. I have seen Stevie and Tony do this and thats way cool and would be cooler someday if I can do it.--Dreaming Leonard

George Fels
12-03-2007, 08:07 PM
Bet I'm not the only one with this dream: my first poolroom re-opened. I could be that "way cool" champ you're talking about in this particular room (in the dream, anyway) but somehow I see that it's not the same and leave; I never stay. Any first-year psychology student could see an old coot longing for his youth in this, but it's still kind of fun to have. GF