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12-03-2007, 10:28 PM
I thought it might be useful to sort of turn over a new leaf and start a thread having to do only with the cue tip aiming system.

I'll start with some Exceptions that have come to light with the help of several posters and my own additional investigations.

CLEARLY, as previously discussed, some shots don't go. This system is NOT a "magic pill" and was never touted as such. That is not devastating because if we can improve our pocket percentage on even HALF our shots then a LOT of good would be done.

In addition, what if for the shots that don't go based on the STANDARD rules a set of Exceptions can be presented?

Finally, unless you believe that a "rifle shot" aiming style...where you point your "gun" at a given target and shoot is not HIGHLY intuitive for you and possibly more so that whatever aiming system you use now, then click on outta here because the rifle style of shooting is at the very heart of this approach.

OK. Here are some Exceptions.

Place an OB on the foot spot and set the CB for a shot at the lower right corner.

Line up the LOC so that it points directly between the 1st and 2nd diamonds from the right corner pocket.

A LOC between the 1st and 2nd diamonds evokes the TP 4 rules. But as is OBVIOUS on the above shot...it doesn't go...way short. And OBVIOUS is the key word here and suggests the following:


Regardless of the standard rules, if the shot OBVIOUSLY does not go, then use one TP thinner.

If you use TP5 on the above shot, you will see that it goes.


Nearly ALL shots within the head or foot strings that, of course, require the use of the SIDE rail diamonds to establish the TP zones will not go. Use one TP thinner. "Nearly" refers to the fact that OBs with the CB within a ball or two off the foot rail (or head rail) DO go with TP1 or 2 and besides, those shots are hangers and no system...other than not dropping dead, are needed.

OK, now turn your attention back to the shot discussed at the top.

We have established that that shot doesn't go. Now if you move the OB uptable one ball and move the CB so that the LOC still points to the middle of the 1-2 diamonds, it still doesn't go (under cut) Three balls up table still doesn't go (under cut)...

BUT FOUR balls up table, the shot goes (again assuming that you keep moving the CB up as well to maintain the LOC as described).

And now it gets interesting because now, you can move the OB as far up table as you want and as long as you maintain the instructed LOC...ALL those shots go.

I ASSUME that the geometry is that...by moving both the CB and the OB so as to maintain the 1-2 diamond LOC, what you are doing is creating the SAME cut angle (or close enough for government work) and that is why all those shots go.


What I am not guessing about is that the shots go as described and that we have covered a LOT of table area.

We have also found a whole new but simple set of Exceptions for shots withing the head/foot strings and Championships have been lost by missing shots in that zone...Say the CB is on the foot string near the left side rail and the OB is a ball below the head string on the centerline...just a ball below the head spot.

We ALL have seen that shot missed for the cheese....but TP 5 drains it every time...and you can have fun with your friends by having them stretch a towel or paper towel between the #2 diamonds on either side of the corner pocket thereby blocking that whole section of the table from your view (and the target pocket too) and you drain the shot without ever SEEING the pocket...because you don't have to see the pocket if it is a shot where the TP rules work.

FINALLY, many believe that back cuts are troublesome because the target pocket is not in your near-field peripheral vision and that it is hard to make a shot when you can't see the pocket.

I believe that this system ON SHOTS THAT GO...WHICH IS A LOT...holds promise to help those who have trouble with back cuts...because if the shot is "on" based on the rules then all you care about is getting the tip on the correct spot on the OB and you can ignore the pocket altogether.

The Captain and I are having a dialog on that in the other thread but I'm not going to post to that thread any more so CaptianJR, if you would like to continue our dialog, please do it here.

All comments and polite criticisms are WELCOME and have HELPED. I won't respond to snotty posts.