View Full Version : the correct way of banging.

Hail Mary Shot
12-04-2007, 02:41 PM
I believe all of us know how a banger plays. for we all started from that. as far as I can remember, this was were the things I noticed when I was starting out.

1. totally misses the CB during the break
2. miscues the CB
3. double hits the CB
4. hits the CB accidentally while trying to line your shot (during stroking)
5. scratch all the time
6. suspending both your feet off the floor wasn't a foul, either by sitting on the table or lying on it.
7. bridging is awkward and wiggly (looks like a semi closed bridge where the thumb is elevated from the table cloth).
8.opting for the close bridge eventhough you don't know how it's done properly.
9. can't flex,elevate or adjust your hand in an open bridge.
10. a full ball hit was a neccesity and an accomplishment.
11. jumping the ball by scooping it was a skill.
12. use of excessive tip chalk and baby powder.
13. drilling the tip chalk hard.
14. takes a long time to take a shot on the one ball.
15. it takes 5 minutes to finally pocket a ball.

aside from the ones I mentioned above, below are additions that came from other bangers.

1. the butthold
2. cue butt is held or elevated too high on every shot
3. the standing up shooting stance (made sense for the elevated cue stick), Luat's stance is much better.
4. the can't wait for my turn to shoot so I'll just stand up,watch and wait along the table habit. this is kinda annoying if someone is shooting on the opposite table and they are in your way.
5. touching another OB ball while bridging makes you appear like you committed a crime and ask your opponent for a pardon. :D