View Full Version : Thank you Scott Lee, Mark Wilson and Little Joe

12-04-2007, 03:45 PM
I just want to thank Scott Lee, Mark Wilson and Joe Villalpando for all there
help in the 18 months.

Scott, thanks for showing me PEP and being so ruthless about my lack of consistant rhythm. I Get It.

Mark, thanks for correcting my stance, backstroke and helping me to stroke straight through the CB.

Little Joe, Thank you for your time and help showing me shot making. The clock you taught me is awesome. It's added several new shots to my arsenal. I can thread a needle if needed.

Anyone who reads this and looking for solid coaching take note. These guys have shown me things I've never heard of in the 35 years I've been playing and studying this game. You can't find it in books guys and gals. And you'll be darned lucky to find it on the street. The things mentioned are simply the things I can pick out that made a profound difference in my game. These guys teach a lot more than this.

I don't need to give you specifics but I was faced with some pretty stiff competition this past weekend and went all the way to the end very nearly upsetting the a known champion and assumed winner. I would never had a chance in h*** without the help of these great coaches. I had the champ on the ropes and he got loose. But boy was it fun to finally compete at that level.

Thanks again guys.

12-04-2007, 06:21 PM
I"ve had the privilege of being taught by all three and they helped me tremendously. Each is a fine instructor. Lil Joes DVD's are really great. Check them out at www.pooliq.net