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12-21-2007, 11:46 PM
Any updates???

12-30-2007, 03:31 PM
It sure don't sound good...it fact there is no sound. Johnnyt

12-31-2007, 03:04 AM
It sure don't sound good...it fact there is no sound. Johnnyt

It's a shame...I was getting ready to fire my small stack a million.

Rich R.
12-31-2007, 02:51 PM
All you have to do is look and you can find a little information.
Here is the web site.

I assume more information will be available after the Super Billiards Expo. I'm sure they are busy with that right now.

02-13-2008, 06:32 PM
I have to think this might be in trouble judging by the lack of any buzz on it currently. There should be at least some qualifiers scheduled by now.

02-22-2008, 01:26 PM
im pretty sure SLATE PLUS (the old chelsea) will be holding a qualifier but i dont know when, my wife is trying to convince her boss to do it for now so ill keep you guys updated on that...

buffalo bill
04-03-2008, 09:03 AM
Sarnias rack n roll is hosting a sub qualifier april 19th & 20th $40.00 entry and qualifier june 13th- 15th $200.00 entry information can be found at Azbilliards under tournaments

04-13-2008, 11:50 AM
Myself and a player from out west were discussing this tournament while in VF and according to them, there were supposed to be a few qualifiers in CA that never came to fruition.

Outside of the tournament buffalo bill just mentioned, does anyone know if anymore qualifiers have been held or are confirmed to be held? I haven't been online in quite awhile and VF was my first interaction with pool in months so forgive me if I've missed something.


buffalo bill
04-20-2008, 10:46 AM
winner of subqualifier Elio D'Andrea he wins entry into main qualifier and cash 2nd Arland White 3rd Gary Wonderham . Good time going to try again this weekend April 26th and 27th $40.00 entry

buffalo bill
04-27-2008, 08:41 AM
Congratulations to Harvey Shognosh Gary Wonderham and Elio D'Andrea all three have won entries into my qualifier June 13th - 15th value $200.00.Good Luck to all and thanks for the support in trying to make the Million Dollar Shoot-Out a success ! See you in Valley Forge!

05-21-2008, 05:52 PM
I think it is going to happen in the year 2046.

...the price of gas will be $800,000.00 a gallon.

05-23-2008, 11:43 AM
I would call and see how the turnout was for these qualifiers.. if they went off and had a good turn out I would bet that it is going to go off, based on Allen Hopkins past reputation of promoting quality events.


Pockets Pool & Pub contact:
Ken Cottrell

1062 S Wilmot Rd
Tucson, AZ 85711
click to email 2008
April 19
May 17th
June 28th
July 19th
Brief Room Description
Tournaments to be held on our 11 Brunswick Gold Crown Tables. Also featuring 4 Coin Op Bar Tables as well as 2 Spider Elite Billiard Tables. Full Pro Shop on site with cue/tip repair/service/sales available. Full bar and sandwich kitchen with many fried foods also available. Sports bar area for watching your favorite sporting events on any of our flat screen plasma displays and other TV's located throughout the pool hall. Daily drink, lunch & pool specials!


Gary's Victor Billiards 14464 Atstar Ste 210
Victorville, CA 92395
vickigary@verizon.net 2008
Feb 23-24
Mar 22-23
Apr 26-27
Jun 14-15
Jul 19-20

Brief Room Description
Owned & Operated by Gary and Vicki Henry, Gary's Victor Billiards is located 90 miles outside of LA on the way to Vegas. John Schmidt, the 2006 US Open Champion, says that this is one of the top 4 rooms in the country as far as equipment goes. The room is IPT certified, and they have hosted several of their qualifiers here. They have 20 Gold Crown III's with 860 Simonis, artimus rubber and Aramith Super Pro balls. There are plenty of hotels nearby that they will be happy to give you info about.


Snookers Billiards contact:
Dwight Sisson
email address coming soon

Diamond Billiards Sports Bar and Grill 1242 Pine Island Rd SW
Cape Coral, FL 33991
Troy Frank
James Oswalt

Brief Room Description
Opening in September 2007, Diamond Billiards will feature 16 9' Diamond Pro-Am Tables, 8 7' Diamond Smart Tables, and a full bar and kitchen. Diamond Billiards is located about 14 miles off of highway 75, exit 143. The house pro is Troy Frank.

STIX Billiards
STIXBilliards.com 5501 Gulf Boulevard
St Pete Beach, FL 33706

Al Kumick
email here

Brief Room Description
Overlooking Boca Ciega Bay, Stix Billiards offers you a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you are a seasoned pool player, a casual shooter, beginner, or simply an observer, Stix is the ideal setting for a date, an outing with friends or an evening entertaining business associates.

Located in the heart of St. Pete Beach, the premier vacation resort on Florida's Gulf Coast, Stix is accessible by land and water and is only a short walk from the gulf beaches and such reknown vacation destinations as the TradeWinds Resort, The Don Cesar Beach Resort, and the Holiday Inn Beach Resort. Beachgoers and shoppers alike will find Stix a must-see item on their travel agenda. Stop in for a cold beer, a chilled wine, or choose from our excellent selection of other beverages. Enjoy a snack from our grill at any time of the day or night, or dine with our neighbors, Caspy's Wine Bar & Bistro and Silas Dent's Waterside Steak House.

We have 10 - 9ft Custom Gold Crowns, with 860 Simonis, and we have 1 - 9ft Olhausen "Waterfall" Table, which came from the 2005 International Challenge of Champions on ESPN.


SLATE PLUS 54 W 21 Street
New York, NY
George San Souci
Athena San Souci
April 13
April 20

Brief Room Description
We want to do this qualifier on April 13th, we might postpone it one week. It will be a one day tournament on a sunday.


Raxx Billiards 2310 N Maple Ave
Rapid City, SD 57701

raxxbill@qwestoffice.net 2008
Brief Room Description
We are located in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota. Our room is 10,000 sq. ft. - we have 8 9ft, 2 8ft. and 16 7ft coin-op tables.

Sarnia, Ontario

Sarnia's Rack n' Roll Billiards 460 Christina St
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 7H5

Susan Plain
susanplain@msn.com June or July 2008
Brief Room Description
Sarnia's Rack n' Roll Billiards features 9 Black Crown II and 1 Diamond - all 9 ft. with Simonis cloth. We also have 4 bar boxes and 1 snooker table. Full bar and some food. Border city, lots of access.

San Juan

Puerto Rican Billiard Foundation contact:
Harold Acosta-President
fedbillarpr@yahoo.com TO BE ANNOUNCED


Smooth Billiard Zone contact:
Ditto Acosta
TO BE ANNOUNCED (May-June 2008)


Wasabiljarden contact:
Sten & Maria J?rledal
Mar 22-23
July 19-20
Brief Room Description
We have 13 Aileex 9? tables(Gold Crown 4 copies), 2 snooker and 1 billiard table and 2 Sardo racks. The name of the place is Wasabiljarden and you can see it on www.wasabiljarden.se.

The city of G?vle is one hour with the train north of Stockholm-airport. This is the hometown of WPBA Professional Ewa Mataya-Laurence.

06-02-2008, 04:21 PM
Battle of Los Angeles - July 12-13,2008

Triple C Productions presents, "The Battle of Los Angeles!" brought to you by: Tiger Products, Hard Times Billiards and Extreme Focus Energy Drink.

"Who is truly best in the West?"
Find out July 12-13, 2008 at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, Ca.
"The Battle of Los Angeles" is a Race to 11, 9-Ball, Round Robin, Winner Take All Event!*

The preliminary player roster is as follows (the final field will be limited to only 10 players):
Jim Mendoza-Adame
Ernesto Dominguez
Oscar Dominguez
Max Eberle
Scott Frost
Corey Harper
Tang Hoa
Ismael "Morro" Paez
Louis Ulrich
Dan Wallace

Tournament Director: Frank "DaBarber" Almanza.
Following nine rounds of round-robin play, the top 4 finishers will advance to one of two single elimination semi-finals matches. From there the winners shall play a single winner take all final match!
All matches are to race to eleven 9-Ball, Rack-your-own, Pro Express Rules.
Hillary Morse, billiards enthusiast, says "this is the way tournaments should be!" Ernesto Dominguez says, "this event is great for the future of West Coast Pool!"

Sweaters & Rail Birds are highly encouraged and this event is free to spectators.

For more information about this event, email corey@tigerproducts.com.
*Winner receives a $5,000.00 entry in to the Allen Hopkins $1,000,000.00 9-Ball Shootout held in Valley Forge, Pa Aug 6-10, 2008
For more information about the Allen Hopkins $1,000,000.00 9-Ball Shootout, go to www.milliondollar9ball.com.

Established in Canoga Park, Ca 1988, Tiger Products is the leading US Manufacturer of specialty laminated billiards products and accessories. Tiger brand Laminated Cue Tips including; Sniper, Everest, Tiger Jump/Break and Tiger (Soft, Med & Hard) are known throughout the world as the very best. For more information on their fine products, visit their website at http://www.tigerproducts.com.

06-19-2008, 03:30 PM
Any updates???

Received this email today.....

The $1,000,000 9-Ball Shootout is getting close!

Get in on the action!

This event is definitely going to happen, so if any of you have been wondering - here is your answer. Our anticipated turnout was 200 players originally, and we are still hoping for that. As of now, over 140 players have signed up on our website, expressing their interest in playing... However, we understand that this may not happen the first year, but either way we will have an event with a big payout! We have posted some different scenarios on our website, be sure to check it out. Keep in mind, this event will happen. Even if we only get 10 players, then 10 players will play for a piece of $50,000.

We have the venue, dates, and equipment scheduled:
Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, PA.
August 6-10, 2008
Diamond Professional 9' Tables with Simonis 860 Cloth - the Best for the Best!

New Feature! Sponsor a player, or get sponsored...

We realize that there are many great players out there who may not have the cash required to get in, well - now, they can still play! We have devised a system for potential sponsors/backers to get involved... If you are a potential sponsor/poolroom/company that would like to get a player in the event, Allen Hopkins Productions will broker the transaction for you...

You choose your player, Allen Hopkins will personally contact them and inform them of your intent... If the player accepts, you pay their entry directly to Allen Hopkins Productions. You are not responsible for anything other than entry fees. Any monies distributed will come directly from Allen Hopkins Productions, you will get your share directly from us, and the player will get theirs! Check out our site for more info, this is a great way to get involved... you can get a piece of great players around the world... This is the nuts, be sure to look into this!

And many thanks to the places around the world that have had qualifiers...
and thanks to the places that have tried. We now this system is new and unproven, but we know it will work...We have some exciting plans for the future, including 13 week programs for poolrooms.

There will be last minute qualifiers at the Valley Forge Expo Center...
Be sure to keep checking the website for more information, or keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending out more announcements as the event draws closer...

06-23-2008, 11:48 PM
I am taking names for a qualifier at Snookers Billiards in Tallahassee, Florida. The date is July 28th, it is a Monday. 16 players Option three on the web site. I have 12 spots left.