View Full Version : Sunday Morning Daydreaming In The Great White North

12-23-2007, 07:04 AM
I wandered over to the home page this morning and watched the first stop on the Canadian 9-Ball Tour on ABZTV.COM.

It attracted Ralf, Marcus, and Alex. Alex had a new cue from a new sponsor. For Ralf and Marcus it was an exercise in futility - Alex has never lost at Bigwigs:D

One thing I noticed was that many Canadian players, including Alex, are right down on the cue, snooker style.

The tour has attracted a couple of national sponsors in Cineplex and Chapters/Indigo. And so the daydream started:

Cineplex shows live opera and National Hockey League games on some of their screens. Perhaps billiards will follow ....

The Bank of Nova Scotia has take a different direction in advertising and promotion, with tie-ins to the National Hockey League and Cineplex and is looking for other niche areas. So if Jim Wych could snare the bank as a sponsor ....

And the Nova Scotia is the most international Canadian bank, so Alex might be a a good spokesman for them in Canada and in pool-mad countries....