View Full Version : what to do about ebay cue rack, shipping questions too?

01-12-2008, 11:23 AM
I had just finished my basement pool room and wanted a nice 8 cue wall rack to mount down there. Well i found one on ebay i thought was nice....they didnt have the color i wanted on ebay but their website did so i ordered one for $119.00. Well i get the first one, its not the best quality but hey its 119 so i wasnt expecting all that much, but ti did have huge gouges in a couple of spots that wont hide, plus the part that holds the score counters was broker. I contacted them, they say they will ship another. Next one, the box looks like it fought a guerilla.......and the exact same pieces are damaged. I email them to tell them, they say make a good rack out of the 2 kits.....i say the same parts are damaged, what do they want to do. No response for a couple days so i email again. They say just ship it all back. Now do i have to cover shipping? Do i ship it cod? I think they tried to do the right thing at first but now it seems a little shady, these are big items so its not like i just throw it in a box, its going to take some effort and money. Just wanted some guidance here

01-12-2008, 12:04 PM
Desn't matter what we think, only what those who sold it to you want.

Tell them you want a refund and out of the deal and ship it back on your own dime. Contact your credit card Co. if they refuse...

01-28-2008, 05:11 PM
yep i was right, theyre trying to screw me over. Box it came in was all tore up......they told me to ship it all back, after contacting them twice about my refund they cant refund my money because i didnt ship it back to them in the original box. Called them and the guy said why didnt I contact ups if it was delivered damaged.......BECAUSE NOBODY TOLD ME TO!!! Its like they didnt read a single email i sent them (luckily i kept them all).

I sure aint getting fuc%ed on this deal without getting kissed.

oh yeah.........dont order anything from GAMETABLES4LESS.com.......they are a joke.

oh i will get my money back.....