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01-12-2008, 12:05 PM
I was having this conversation with a friend during the rout by LSU. My point is this:

Every aspect of everyone's life is about playing the odds. The odds of finding a better mate. The odds of taking on a new career and staying with it, and loving it. What are the odds of getting hit with a train? EVERYTHING we do is based on "the odds."

We admire those that have talent that take them outside of our "world." He asked me why pool players admire those who do it for a living. Because "most of them stay broke, and will never have anything."

My answer is this. They do have something. A high. Stories and memories. Admiration. They do this because most don't have the talent, or the "odds" aren't in their favor to make it. They would be to tentative to leave their "safe" career, or relationship, etc. The odds aren't in their favor to sustain life on the road. That is why. We all play the odds. Or we like the odds of food, a paycheck, and a loving family at home when we get there. What are the odds of them having a paycheck? Depends on skill, wit, IQ, ability to find and stir up action. playing under pressure, experience, etc. With every one of those aspects, the odds lower. What are the odds that a guy named "the flying squirrel" or "rabbit" can walk into a bank and get a job? Versus him picking up two hundred giving up the seven to a "non player." He is also playing the odds.

I know I am rambling a bit: but, I feel that top road players do have something to be proud of. Most people will never, and never could, step outside their world and play those odds.

01-12-2008, 01:37 PM
Couldn't put it any other way. A rep coming. I be sending this one to my son.

01-12-2008, 01:49 PM
Crawfish...you're kind-of a deep thinker....for a pool player. What are the odds of that! :eek:

01-12-2008, 09:33 PM
Crawfish...you're kind-of a deep thinker....for a pool player. What are the odds of that! :eek:
What an odd post!

01-12-2008, 09:45 PM
pffff..... odds... they got in it for the chicks man.... ugly chicks dig pool players.

01-13-2008, 03:22 AM
there was a time when chicks dug Pool players, mostly up through the 70's, and until the mid 80's pretty much, but seems to be a rarity anymore.

Being 'good at something' is a sign of having intelligence, talent, and being a 'together man' for chicks, which has some elements of truth to it.

Ever see the hot looking chick out with a guy, and she thinks he is so cool until she watches him on the pool table looking like a spaz???

Also, do not make the mistake that everyone is happy, or stays happy because they have a job, a paycheck, and a family because they isn't necessarily the truth. Many are weighted down with responsibility, have no time for themselves, end up hating their job or boss, maybe get locked into a job with no future, have kids that are a pain instead of a blessing, lots of bills, big house payment and car payments, have a wife that dotes on the kids with no time for the husband after awhile, or are just staying together for the kids or because of the financial situation, or the husband and wife are just bored with each other (especially if married longer than 10 years). They might survive, but doesn't mean they are happy.